BNA/CNA Training Class - starting October 21

  • LaGrange, IN 46761, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Since 1964, Indiana families have looked to Miller's Health Systems for compassionate care for their loved ones. This once family owned and operated company evolved over time to expand beyond traditional nursing home care. Today, Miller's facilities across the state offer rehabilitation services, adult day care services, assisted living and traditional long-term nursing care. Many of our facilities have specialized units to care for those with Alzheimer's and other dementia or for loved ones in need of hospice care. We strongly believe in the value of providing quality care for individuals in locations that help them stay close to home. In addition to services provided within the walls of our Miller's facilities, we also operate a therapy company and have a partnership in a home health care company.

Just over a decade ago, Miller's Health Systems transitioned to a 100% employee owned company with a workforce of well over 3000 throughout the state of Indiana. Miller's is known for achievements in quality, with an emphasis on education and technology and is one of the largest 100% employee owned health care providers in the nation.

Job Description

Nursing Assistant Training

Miller's is proud to provide training for those interested in a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant free of charge.



Classroom Instruction

Each student is required to complete 36-40 hours of classroom work. All students are required to pass (with 80%) all of the tests administered during the classroom portion. (Each student has 3 attempts to pass)

If a student does not pass the classroom phase of the course they will not be placed into the clinicals.

Clinical Practicum

Each student is required to complete 75 hours of supervised practicum in a long-term care facility. During the practicum, the student must perform all required skills successfully. The first 16 hours of practicum is with the class instructor. Absence during this time will result in being excused from the program.

During the practicum, the student may be assigned to work with a preceptor who will assist the student in organization and time management. At the completion of the program the preceptor as well as the instructor will be given an evaluation sheet to complete regarding the students progress during the clinical.

All skills checklists booklets (RCP’s) not signed during the classroom must be demonstrated and signed off during the clinicals by the clinical instructor, or other licensed nursing professional. Completed checklist (RCP) must be submitted at the completion of the clinicals with all required skills completed or will not be eligible for the required state exam.

A “clinical sign-in record” is supplied to each student. This form must be completed by the student and signed by a qualified licensed professional on a daily basis. The student must include the following information on the sheet: date and actual hours worked, signature of student, cosigned by licensed supervisor.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Students are required to pass a criminal background check along with a TB test and physical prior to starting the course. Attendance to all classroom sessions is mandatory in order to meet the program requirements as set by the Indiana State Department of Health. Unsatisfactory performance or attendance issues may result in dismissal from the course/program. Students should check with the facility for details on the dress code requirements.

When a student that successfully completes the course he/she will be awarded a certificate of completion, will get a scheduled test date, and will have the scheduled test paid for by Miller’s Merry Manor if hired and in good standing as an employee. If the student does not pass the 1st test it may be retaken and paid for by Miller’s a second time. If not an employee, your application and certificate of completion will be given to you to schedule your own test at your own expense.


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