Python Back End Developer

  • 210 W 6th St, Chico, CA 95928, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

For nearly 6 years Theia has pioneered the use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and touchscreen applications for enterprise customers. As the global leader in real-time rendering software and solutions, we are proud to partner with brands like HP, Nvidia, HTC, and Epic Games to deliver stunning and innovative experiences like luxury hotel design reviews, aerospace simulation and training, medical facility walkthroughs, real estate pre-leasing tours, award-winning product demonstrations, and branded AR activations. With new technical challenges and creative opportunities happening all the time, Theia is the perfect place for passionate problem solvers from every expertise. 

Applicants must be available to work in our Chico, CA office or be in the Sacramento, CA area.

Job Description

Theia’s core development platform is Unreal Engine. We live, eat, and breathe UE4, and our customers depend on it for almost every aspect of their 3D production pipeline. One of its most powerful and recent features is a full-fledged Python API that lets developers script out almost all the functionality of the engine. Theia’s latest software product is a desktop application called Optim, which provides a sleek and easy-to-use user interface to automate Unreal Engine workflows via the Python API and some C++. Our visualization team, and the viz teams of every other engineering company, have historically wasted hundreds and thousands of hours doing tedious and repetitive tasks to get projects ready for real-time rendering, like deleting unnecessary pieces, replacing materials, reducing the complexity of the models, creating Levels of Detail, or even organizing the project. Optim allows even the most novice UE4 user to apply all these optimizations to a very complicated scene in minutes compared to hours because of our intelligent Rules-based system and smart presets.

As a back end developer, your mission is to get into the nuts and bolts of Optim and Unreal to bundle up the complex processes of the UE4 data prep workflow into streamlined functionality. You’ll work under our Development Manager and CTO to expose and create APIs that let our customers do their work faster and better by translating feature requests into technical executions.


You’ll be working very closely with a variety of 3D file formats to ensure maximum compatibility with Optim, so you’ll immediately need to develop an understanding of the 3D production pipeline. Optim is primarily built with Python and leverages Unreal Engine’s Python API, but the ability to access or expose C++ functionality will be helpful. The stability of Optim will be vitally important to you, so you should have experience integrating common DevOps practices like unit tests.


  • Python proficiency
  • Extensive experience with versioning and repositories in a professional setting
  • Experience building and maintaining public-facing applications


  • Unreal Engine proficiency
  • Experience with a variety of digital content creation packages
  • DevOps knowledge and experience
  • C++ knowledge
  • Experience building applications for Qt
  • An interest in data analytics and management

Additional Information

Here at Theia we believe in the perfect harmony of hard work and creative freedom. We have a collaborative open office environment in downtown Chico, tons of artwork, a pool table at the center, flexible work hours and flexible work-from-home days, regular coffee walks to Starbucks, beer on Friday afternoons, and free lunches on Wednesdays. We cover the majority of our employees’ medical insurance, 100% of dental insurance and life insurance, and offer more than 11 paid holidays. Through our technology partners we also get access to the latest and greatest secret virtual reality and 3D graphics “toys”. We’re excited to have you join our growing team!

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