Marketing & Brand Ambassador

  • 625 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60661, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Edge of Concepts was established to deliver high-value branding and marketing services for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable clients directly and effectively. Our goal as a company is to give our clients a 100% commitment to any campaign or event they wish to run; to ensure we provide them with as much positive brand awareness as we possibly can.

Job Description

How do internal stakeholders make decisions in regards to their ROI?

Why is market saturation a key element to an increase in revenue for a given company?

How can marketers determine trends and behaviors in a market?


These are common questions that control the decisions made by various brands in order to better understand how to optimize their market. Every major company ultimately wants to grow public interest in their brand story and build loyal relationships with their consumers. How each department quickly works together to devise strategies to better understand the way their consumers think, will pave the way for high returns in marketing!


As an intern of Edge of Concepts, we will provide you with an exciting opportunity that will give you plenty of transferable skills through working with our elite team of professionals.


Skills Learned During:

  • Business management and development

  • Customer service and how acquisitions correlate to higher gross returns

  • Financial planning

  • Determine trends in data through hosted events

  • Learn how to coordinate and manage a campaign

  • Leadership skills are tested

  • Learn the foundations of marketing and common strategic practices

  • How to quickly enact information in a real-world setting

  • Work directly with the brand's consumer base and learn how to share the brand story

  • Share the brand experience through targeted event-style promotions




  • Must have an interest or currently studying the following fields: business administration, marketing, finance, economics, communications, PR, writing, customer service, management or retail.

  • Prior customer service, marketing, retail or PR experience preferred

  • Is local to the Chicago, IL area

  • Strong work ethic and student mentality (Eager to learn new skills)

Additional Information

How to Apply:

  • Send in your updated Resume and/or LinkedIn profile to be considered

  • Successful applicants will be contacted within 24-72 hours to be booked for a virtual interview

  • Be sure to check your messages/emails for our follow up

  • All interviews are conducted via Zoom

Good luck!