Sales Director

  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Full-time

Company Description

Sales Jobs That Are Magical, Mystical and Mysterious

The Starr Conspiracy is a full-service advertising agency that focuses exclusively on B2B clients. Selected as a “Best Place to Work” for several years by Texas Monthly, Dallas Business Journal, and Fort Worth, Texas magazine, we’re co-located in Fort Worth, and as of last year, San Francisco. As an Agile Marketing Agency, we break from the traditional processes and hierarchical M.O. of other companies. With minimal middle management and formal hoops to jump through, we offer an environment where people are enabled to effect change whenever they see the opportunity and are offered the support needed to be successful.

Job Description

While lots of companies claim to be progressive and put employees first, most of that philosophy goes out the window when it comes to their sales department. Traditional roles, rules, and process are forced upon sales professionals who know better than anyone how to be successful. In short, most forward-thinking companies have sales departments that look like they stepped off the set of The Wolf of Wall Street. Not at The Starr Conspiracy.

We hire with a philosophy of “let successful sales people be successful.” That means no middle management (unless or until the sales team asks for it). It means no constant reporting of calls, emails, first meetings, etc. It means creating clear and simple rules of engagement, so sales folks help each other out rather than compete with one another. That means if you need someone to teach you how to be an effective salesperson, this isn’t the right company for you. However, if you’re intellectually curious and want to command rooms filled with marketing professionals, we’ll give you the training and help you need to master the most modern aspects of B2B marketing. In short, you’ll be talking over the CMO’s head in no time.

Each Sales Director has exclusive rights to a select territory within the U.S. Additionally, each Sales Director has exclusive rights to two enterprise accounts (over $1 billion in annual revenue) to sell into as well as a set number of named prospects within unclaimed territories. Don’t worry, we can talk more about that when the time comes.


In short, we’re looking for folks to join our team of Sales Directors who:

  • Can command a room

  • Have five years of field or outside sales experience

  • Have been in their previous/current sales position for at least two years

  • Want to be individual contributors

  • Want to be team players

  • Can master new content and concepts quickly

  • Create clarity and order when none exists

  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Live close enough to Fort Worth that the commute to our office doesn't kill you

  • Want this to be the last time they apply for a new job


  • Develop and deliver proposals in a timely manner

  • With internal support, conduct marketing events within your territory

  • Use HubSpot CRM (training provided)

  • Develop pricing for new projects and retainers

  • Report directly to a partner/owner in charge of sales

  • Respond to inbound inquiries and leads

  • Develop new territories

  • Be able to travel up to 30 percent of the time

Additional Information

So here’s the deal: After reading this, you already know if this is the place for you. If this sounds stupid or silly, we wish you luck. If you’re not sure and maybe need some convincing, we also wish you luck. If this sounds like the place you didn’t think existed and it must be too good to be true — we should talk. Like, now.