Senior Accounting and Finance Colleague

  • Los Banos, CA, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

The Morning Star Company, and its affiliates, operate three tomato processing facilities in Central California, processing 25% to 30% of the California crop, plus tomato transplanting, farming, harvesting and trucking operations, with employment of over 350 year-round and 2,000 seasonal colleagues and annual sales of approximately $800 million.  

The Morning Star Company is the largest independent producer of bulk tomato ingredient products (tomato paste and diced tomatoes) in the world. We also produce canned tomatoes, tomato products and specialty sauces in pouches for customers in the retail and food service markets. The company is known worldwide for its innovation and integrity.

We are organizationally structured through a system we term Self-Management ( Our company is operated by colleagues without titles or an appointed hierarchy of authority.  Authority relative to other colleagues’ activities is lateral, with each colleague’s Mission as their guiding principle of action, and respect, influence and success having to be built based on each colleague’s competency, integrity, effort, persistence and straight-forward persuasiveness.  Although we have grown significantly, we intend to maintain a culture of individual responsibility and self-management.

Job Description

The Mission of this colleague will be to materially advance the enterprise via timely and accurate financial and operational information, insightful analysis, and persuasively advocating positive change in all aspects of the enterprise. 

We desire a professional to champion general administration, asset management and financial reporting and costing, for our operations in the San Joaquin Valley, principally centered around Los Banos.

This person will require an excellent business aptitude; the desire to advance the company via superb financial analytical skills with an interest in operations and an aspiration for senior leadership.
This position is for a hands-on professional who enjoys working on a peer level with talented and committed colleagues, who has the self-confidence to pursue their convictions and work independently, with broadly defined work objectives. 

Responsibilities and activities

  • Develop and maintain relationships with all appropriate colleagues to ensure a thorough knowledge of the strategies and affairs of all responsible operations--” hear the drums beat and know what those signals mean and what their strategic, tactical and financial ramifications are.”
  • Act as a consultant/advisor regarding financial and operational information to operations colleagues.
  • Evaluate and develop economical financial reporting tools that provide accurate and timely reporting to appropriate colleagues. 
  • Personally assure the accuracy and timeliness of all budgets, cash flows, financial statements and tax returns, including the development of processes to achieve these results.
  • Ensure all contracts/contractual commitments are made properly, respected and processes are in place to assure such results.
  • Ensure assets are maintained and tracked within and among facilities.
  • Mentor accounting staff and serve as a sounding board for handling accounting issues.
  • Deal with personnel issues as appropriate.


Educational and Experience requirements:

  • The successful candidate would likely have a meaningful, formal education in Mission related disciplines, such as, business administration, strategic planning, finance, accounting and economics.
  • Extensive experience in MS excel, including vlookups, macros, pivot tables. 
  • Microsoft Access experience is a plus.
  • Experience in SQL database query language is a plus.
  • Sage 300 ERP is a plus.

The principal office would be in Los Banos.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.