Customer Account Coordinator

  • Los Banos, CA, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

The Morning Star Company, and its affiliates, operate three tomato processing facilities in Central California, processing 35% to 40% of the California crop, plus tomato transplanting, farming, harvesting and trucking  operations.  Employment is approximately 350 year-round and over 2,000 seasonal colleagues with annual sales exceeding $900 million.  The company is known worldwide for its innovation and integrity.

We are organizationally structured through a system we term Self-Management (more at:  Our company is operated by colleagues without titles or an appointed hierarchy of authority.  Each Colleague is expected to be the manager of their mission.  Authority relative to other colleagues’ activities is lateral and based on their independent agreements.  Each colleague’s Mission is their guiding principle of action, and respect, influence and success having to be built based on each colleague’s competency, integrity, effort, persistence and straight-forward persuasiveness.  As we continue to grow, and while we communicate this position in commonly used terms, we intend to maintain a culture of individual responsibility and mission-focused management.


Job Description


The Mission of the Customer Account Coordinator is to receive and successfully handle customer requests for product, services and related information, in order to promptly and accurately fulfill their requirements. The successful candidate will develop and maintain an enthusiastic presence for Morning Star in the marketplace.  This position is based in our Los Banos facility. 


  1. Order management, including working with more than fifty unique customers to receive, enter and track orders, while working with distribution and accounting colleagues to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.
  2. Traffic coordination for domestic customer accounts.
  3. Respond to and resolve difficult and sensitive inquiries and complaints.
  4. Follow and reconcile customer contract commitments on a regular basis to ensure compliance with agreed upon shipping time frames.
  5. Communicate with sales colleagues and customers on orders and follow up as needed.
  6. Proactively and independently manage customers’ requests and schedules.
  7. Compile, maintain, process, and prepare a variety of records and reports.
  8. Must be able to handle multiple tasks without losing focus.
  9. Must be able to meet required deadlines.


Knowledge and Experience

  1. Excellent computer skills, especially with Excel
  2. Methods and techniques for conflict resolution
  3. Fluent in English; effective written and verbal communication
  4. Experience in exports and customer service is desired, but not required

Personal Characteristics

  1. Enjoys customer interaction
  2. Quick learner
  3. Strong work ethic
  4. Honest, forthright and trustworthy - not political
  5. Persistent in getting results, but patient
  6. Must be able to thrive in an active, fast-paced environment

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.