• Los Banos, CA, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Located in Santa Nella, California, Hotel Mission De Oro is at the heart of a peaceful and beautiful Northern California locale. We feature 163 guest rooms and over 17,000 square feet of event space. Since being purchased by Morning Star in 2014, Hotel Mission de Oro has undergone significant renovations, including a restaurant and bar and the reopening of our deluxe rooms. We offer great pay and benefits. 

We are organizationally structured through a system we term Self-Management (more at:  Our company is operated by colleagues without titles or an appointed hierarchy of authority.  Each Colleague is expected to be the manager of their mission.  Authority relative to other colleagues’ activities is lateral and based on their independent agreements.  Each colleague’s Mission is their guiding principle of action, and respect, influence and success having to be built based on each colleague’s competency, integrity, effort, persistence and straight-forward persuasiveness.  As we continue to grow, and while we communicate this position in commonly used terms, we intend to maintain a culture of individual responsibility and mission-focused management.

Job Description

The Mission for this colleague will be to provide all financial and operating information required by internal and external customers to enable them to successfully accomplish their missions and commitments. This includes administration if IS/IT, insurance, HR, finance, budgeting and costing.

This colleague is expected to understand all aspects of Hotel Mission de Oro’s commercial operation and advance its position in the region. This individual will work with associated colleagues who provide initiative for major elements of the business, including event sales and food and beverage.

Specific Responsibilities and Activities

Financial Accounting

  • Personally assure the accuracy and timeliness of all financial statements, including the development of processes to achieve these results.
  • Maintain economic and cash flow schedules and budgets.
  • Ensure assets are maintained and tracked within and among facilities.
  • Ensure timely completion of external audits and the timely and accurate completion of tax returns.

Financial Analysis

  • Track financial and operating performance and communicate to appropriate colleagues.
  • Work with operating colleagues to develop responsible budgets for operations and financial performance.
  • Analyze all operating and financial information and recommend and advocate changes to operations which will improve results.

General Administration

  • Evaluate and improve business processes
  • Maintain and develop effective and economical information systems.
  • Provide information to colleagues in a timely and accurate manner. Information should run through the enterprise like veins run through the body. 
  • Proactively provide information services to fellow colleagues. 
  • Develop and manage Colleague relationships which support your Mission, ensuring appropriate supporting colleague talent and ensuring you have a thorough knowledge of the strategies and affairs of all responsible operations—“hear the drums beat, know what those signals mean and what their strategic, tactical and financial ramifications are.”



  • Excellent listening and communication skills, written and oral.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Work independently, with broadly defined objectives and limited review of overall results.
  • Leads by doing; willing to work long hours and “do any task.” 
  • Independent, confident individual who respects others. 
  • Honest, forthright, and trustworthy – not political
  • Persistent but patient in getting results, strong sense of self worth, humility and self confidence a must.
  • Competitive – driven to succeed and get things done.
  • Has a bias for action, but understands how to balance risk and reward.
  • Substantial ability and expertise with Excel, Word, and other business applications.

The successful candidate would likely have a meaningful, formal education in Mission related disciplines, such as, business administration, accounting and economics.  This position is for a hands-on professional who enjoys working on a peer level with talented and committed colleagues, and who has the self-confidence to pursue their convictions.   

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.