Informational Scientist I: Algorithm Development & Implementation Architect

  • TBD, Atlanta, GA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Hexagon Lavish® is a scientific R&D/high-tech startup based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded by Desmond J. Watson in 2010. The company initially was focused in machine learning techniques but now has evolved into a small company that's devoted to utilizing "unorthodox" research methodologies in theoretical development and non-compromised use of mathematics and science.

PIR: Premier Information Retrieval® will be a "product-in-conjunction" with the development of IISS™ (Informational Interpretation Scientific Software). PIR will be designed as software for allergen detection, distinction, classification and analysis.

Desmond J. Watson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Hexagon Lavish®,  is putting together a small team of researchers, mathematicians, engineers and programmers for this startup. If you're interested in applying your skills in efforts of turning ideas into a grand journey, submit your CV/résumé today.

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Job Description

Hexagon Lavish® is looking for an experienced Informational Scientist I: Algorithm Development & Implementation Architect to join the HL Family®. The Algorithm Development & Implementation Architect will be responsible for providing training sets of allergen data and deal with large-scale data sets with intensive hands-on code development. Candidates for this position will be assigned to both PIR "Beta" (consumers) and PIR "Omega" (customers) development.

Additionally, this role will be responsible for the collection, processing and "cleaning" of raw data from a wide array of resources regarding various allergens (e.g., food-borne allergens, medicinal allergens, ocular allergens, allergens from certain plastics/metals/fabrics, pet allergens,etc.). Transform and convert unstructured data sets into structured data products. Identify, generate and select modeling features from various data sets. Train and build machine learning models to meet business goals; innovate new machine learning techniques to address business needs. Analyze and evaluate performance results from model execution.

This position will require a strong commitment to collaborative research since the selected candidates (plural) will be an addition to an interdisciplinary approach to the development of PIR software. The selected candidates will also be presenting at conferences in the areas of mixture experiments, experimental design and data analysis, and other statistical and application areas.



  • Candidate should have a strong background and experience in machine learning and information retrieval.
  • Must have experience managing end-to-end machine learning pipeline from data exploration, feature engineering, model building, performance evaluation, and online testing with TB to Peta bytes size data sets.


  • Experience communicating with diverse teams including data scientists, engineers, product managers, and executive management.


  • Proven track record of delivering high quality analytic insights and solutions.


  • Deep understanding, analysis, and mining of large corpora of structured and semi-structured data.


  • Knowledge and experience managing and analyzing global data.


  • Strong experience with Big Data (min 2 years of hands-on experience working on TB to PB scale datasets)


  • Dataset experience in document, graph, log data, and semi-structured data.


  • Strength in Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, or Search Ranking.


  • Experience innovating and implementing novel ML techniques.


  • Experience using all these ML techniques: clustering, regression, classification, graphical models, mixture models, topic models, and matrix factorization.


  • Self driven individual who can take a high-level problem and see it to completion.


  • Knowledge of distributed computing solutions and ability to leverage them towards gaining faster insights from data.


Additional Information

Essential Job Functions

  • Develop statistical analysis plans and perform analyses of moderate to high technical complexity with limited supervision


  • Select among existing approaches and techniques to complete varying assignments and learn new methods in response to project demands


  • Must have demonstrable proficiency with several of the following technologies: Matlab and SAS-macro language


  • Govern activities for less experienced staff on selected projects to ensure quality of analysis/programming


  • Exceptional knowledge of software development methodologies and processes
  • Perform and review technical security assessments of computing environments and applications to identify points of vulnerability, non-compliance with established information security standards, and recommend mitigation strategies
  • Apply leading-edge principles, theories, and concepts to the development, maintenance, and implementation of information security standards, procedures, and guidelines
  • Develop, implement, and document formal security programs and policies throughout the program and monitors compliance to these policies and programs
  • Represent the program’s technical security interests with partners, suppliers, industry associations, and government entities to ensure the bi-directional flow of technical information and best practices in information security


Other Essential Job Functions

  • Write reports to interpret results of statistical analyses to non-statisticians, demonstrating organization and clarity


  • Take responsibility for statistical section of project proposals, timelines and budgets


  • Strong analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills


  • Strong time management, organization and prioritization skills


  • Sound decision-maker


  • Establish effectiveness as a mentor


  • Be contributory to the scientific endeavors of the company


Other Skills/Abilities

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in written form


  • Fluent in English


  • Strong interpersonal skills


  • Harbor the ability to work well with people and be able to work efficiently and effectively a an integral part of an interdisciplinary team


  • Must demonstrate a high degree of integrity, trustworthiness, respect for others and the ability to deal appropriately with confidential and sensitive information


  •  Must demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of the Hexagon Lavish® mission, vision and values
Hexagon Lavish® is an equal opportunity employer