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Company Description

The Creative Square (TCS) is a new business venture offering a unique and exciting opportunity for an in-house entrepreneur. The purpose of TCS is to identify, prototype and validate new business ideas using industry tested processes whilst working under strict time and budget constraints. The outcome will be a steady flow of validated ideas ready to grow into new businesses.

Job Description

New Venture seeks Entrepreneurs

We are a new start-up trying something very different and experimental. The foundation of our enterprise is to take good business ideas and then rapidly prototype them using frameworks we discover ourselves and frameworks that have been developed elsewhere. The team operates under a culture of radical openness and transparency.

Airbnb started with one blow up mattress on the founder's apartment floor. Facebook as a simple software tool for Harvard students to get to know each other quickly and easily. They did not start off with huge amounts of Venture Capital money, just with a bright idea, a little low cost experimentation, drive, passion and luck.

So what do we plan to do? Take between 6 and 20 ideas per year and build a prototype we can field test to see if it has more legs. If it looks promising then we can either build a new team around it, or put some of our existing entrepreneurial staff in to it if they are excited by the idea.

The idea funnel is going to be very broad. It may cover any number of different sectors from tech to manufacturing to finance to consumer goods. It is not the idea that is paramount, it is the ability to explore it cheaply and quickly with an energetic open-minded team.

As an in-house entrepreneur you are going to get the opportunity to be paid to learn a broad range of skills. What are those skills? I can't tell you yet because we don't know what business ideas we are going to progress. If you are excited by the prospect of that then you are the type of person we want in our team. If you are excited to have your voice heard and be surrounded by high performing, success driven individuals, we are the company for you.


Below is a list of nice to haves in the people we hire. We are however, open-minded. If you can make a strong case for why we should hire you it does not matter if you do not have the perfect credentials. You do not need to fit a particular mould but you need to be passionate and excited about exploring, self-educating and the entrepreneurial experience.

Suitable candidates will bring high levels of energy, and enthusiasm for experimentation, the ability to work successfully in a team, the discipline to work to a process, and possess a drive for constant improvement.

A minimum of 1-2 years of work experience is strongly preferred.

Suitable candidates will possess and demonstrate: 
1.    High levels of energy and enthusiasm for experimentation
2.    The ability to work successfully in a team as well as individually
3.    The desire and ability to turn ideas into reality
4.    The discipline to work to a process 
5.    A drive for constant improvement
6.    Assertive and open minded at the same time
7.    Motivated to uphold culture

Experience in the following areas will be considered helpful:
1.    Product / Service specification and development
2.    Project management and planning
3.    Research and analysis
4.    Sales and marketing

TCS Entrepreneur
S$3200-S$3800 + (13th month bonus)
Equity interest will be given if you decide to be a part of the team taking a successful idea further.

Apply and send in your CV now.

Additional Information

TCS Entrepreneur
S$3200-S$3800 + (13th month bonus)
Equity interest will be given if you decide to be a part of the team taking a successful idea further.

Apply and send in your CV now.

DO include in your Cover Letter a business idea that you are excited about!

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