Video Project Manager

  • 1213 Northern Pacific Ave, Fargo, ND 58102, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Tellwell is a storytelling and content creation marketing studio that creates emotional connections with audiences by sharing authentic stories of great organizations. We believe that story is the most powerful way to introduce an organization’s brand, educate and engage their audiences, and remind those audiences why they love the brand. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations tell their stories through engaging video, actionable writing, beautiful design, and fantastic web experiences that drive action while also building one of the best companies to work for in the Midwest!

We’re a small team with fun clients, big vision, and aspirations to stay small and hit above our weight class.

Job Description

As a Video Project Manager on Team Tellwell, you will lead client and team communication on video projects big and small, create and execute project plans on time and on budget, and create the best environment for our film team and our clients to thrive. 

We work primarily in video, writing, websites, design, and strategy work - so a basic to intermediate understanding of how these creative pieces start from nothing, into the ideation phase, through execution and delivery is huge. While you will not have to create all of these, you will be expected to be know how they come to be. Translate that how to the client and plan the project accordingly. 

We have a saying at Tellwell: "If it wasn't communicated, it didn't happen." It's the Project Manager's role to make sure all is communicated with the clients. 

Finally, you'll act as traffic manager for the film team team helping to figure out when to start projects and when clients can expect to have them in hand. 

Primary Three Attributes & How to live them:

  • Strategic managing team resources, client expectations/budgets, and project plans. Digesting a problem or idea, pooping out solutions and tasks.
  • Calm/Collected keeping calm when shit hits the fan - pausing to problem-solve.
  • Approachable consistent communication and responsiveness, with a positive attitude

Salary Range $44k-54k


  • 3+ years of client-facing experience
  • Recognizing what needs to be done and getting it done
  • Organized and efficient with work and the  ability to coach teammates on organization of projects and priorities
  • People and process-oriented
  • Strong client focus and empathy
  • Ability to hustle in a fast, demanding startup environment
  • A keen eye for design and film
  • Strong data, metrics, and analysis skills
  • Passion for improving team collaboration
  • Really freikin' loves people. This job is THE conduit between our creative team and the client - and this role must love and advocate for both!
  • Work from our HQ in Fargo, ND

Additional Information

Bonus Points

  • Knowledge and understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Apps for Business
  • Experience in Asana, Slack, and Everhour
  • Basic knowledge of Wordpress
  • Ad buying

Personal Traits - the most successful employees at Tellwell exhibit the following traits:

  • A team player through and through; egos get checked at the door (this one’s non-negotiable)
  • A fearless and wild imagination coupled with obsessive attention to detail
  • Enjoy (and skilled at) presenting to clients in a way that makes them understand and ultimately smarter
  • Be sincere about giving and receiving meaningful constructive feedback
  • Confident and effective communication and presentation skills with both team members and clients of various levels

What you really came here for, the perks. At Tellwell we offer:

  • Competitive compensation, profit sharing, health insurance through BCBS-ND, Simple IRA through our friends at Thrivent
  • Flexible vacationing, meaning no limiting “vacation policy” (and yes, people actually take a vacation here) and RE:Weeks.
  • A casual-dress, and a results-only work environment
  • A professional development budget you can use to go to conferences, take classes, buy books, etc.
  • Summer Fridays. To celebrate the few months of beautiful sunshine we have in Fargo, we practice summer hours where we shut down the office after lunch on Fridays so you can get your tan on early
  • A constantly collaborative environment
  • Office music, puzzles, group events, team sports, and a great sense of camaraderie help keep everyone sane and foster their creativity & productivity
  • The opportunity to shape the company – we need your expertise
  • We love pets at Tellwell, so we’ll reimburse up to $200 for pet adoption and supplies for a new furry family member.
  • A small, but fun benefit at Tellwell. We’ll cover your Uber rides. Have too much fun at happy hour? No worries about how to get home. Grab an Uber and we’ll take care of the cost

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