Senior Video Storyteller (Videographer + Editor)

  • 1213 Northern Pacific Ave, Fargo, ND 58102, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Tellwell is a storytelling and content creation marketing firm that creates emotional connections with audiences by telling authentic stories of great organizations. We believe that story is the most powerful way to introduce an organization’s brand, educate and engage their audiences, and remind those audiences why they love the brand. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations tell their stories through engaging video, beautiful design, and fantastic web experiences that drive action while also building one of the best companies to work for in the Midwest!

We’re a small team with fun clients, big vision, and aspirations to stay small and hit above our weight class.

Job Description

We’re a small team with fun clients, big vision, and huge aspirations. We’re looking for a senior videographer and editor (with motion graphics experience) — someone with an eye for shots, a knack for pulling stories from interviews, and the skills to create and tell authentic stories. You deliver beautiful footage and films, and love to nerd out about new ideas and equipment. You’re passionate about spreading the story and helping mission-driven organizations navigate new landscapes. You know that when your Tribe wins, you win. As a member of the video team with Team Tellwell, you help lead the charge for creating compelling visual content, will work with clients who have strong values and missions.

As a senior video storyteller, you will continue honing your craft in filmmaking and refine your storytelling abilities. You also have a strong affinity with the Tellwell brand and company culture, and believe in Tellwell's goals and future growth. It is your responsibility to help cultivate that enthusiasm in your creative team.

Client Partnership & Day-to-Day Communication

Stellar client service is an art. When your clients ask questions, you give them true answers — Tellwell doesn’t make things up to cover things up. You communicate with them in their own organization’s language — you become a part of their organization just as much as they’re a part of ours.

Job Description

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in creative ideation sessions

  • Helping discover and build storylines

  • Lead with pre-production phases (storyboards, shot-lists, etc)

  • Importing and organizing project footage

  • Editing video projects

  • Add to storylines by incorporating motion graphics

  • Audio mixing and color correction



  • Fluent in Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Experience with Adobe After Effects

  • Eye and ability to execute a design for animation projects

  • Experience editing strong story focus films

  • Strong organization and workflow

  • Ability to work with team members and outside partners

  • Capturing and editing films from start to finish

  • Writing and Copywriting experience is a huge bonus

  • Knowledge of lighting basics with ability to work on the fly. 90% of our productions are done on the fly, which means we have an idea of the environment, but it’s not planning out every individual light fixture. Working with our environment and changing on the fly is a key part of the role.

  • Works well with an integrated team - for a single video, you’ll probably work with a Project Manager, Writer, Creative Strategist, Creative Director, and Designer.  

Additional Information

Bonus Points

  • Podcast editing and creation

  • Photography skills

  • Experience with DJI Ronin family (we use Ronin Ms to keep us stable)

  • Experience in the Sony and Canon families (We primarily use Sonys)

  • Experience with Asana, Everhour, Google Apps

  • An eye for web and Wordpress experience

Does the above sound like it might be you? Then we’d love to hear from you. Our goal is to provide a hiring and working experience in which all people know they are equally respected and valued. So whatever it is that makes you unique—your gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, citizenship, educational background, socioeconomic status—we value it, and we’d love to see what you might add to our team.

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