VFX Production Quality Manager

  • Full-time

Company Description

With offices all over the globe, MPC is one of the world's leading visual effects studios, creating high-end VFX for the advertising and feature film industries. We are constantly looking for the best talent in the world, enthusiastic people that come to work every day with the desire to be a part of some of the best work in the industry.

Our teams in Montreal, and throughout our global network of studios, produce creative, visually stunning and technically challenging VFX and digital projects of the highest quality, and we are looking for candidates with a desire to be involved in the success of these projects.

Job Description

Supporting the Global Head of Production Compliance and interfacing with the various Production stakeholders, the main role of the Production Compliance Manager is to ensure that company protocols are followed by all department members and that the organization’s performance is guided by the procedures and guidelines established by the company. The main tasks of the position involve setting up internal control and audit, implementing changes to policies, participating to the development of new procedures as well as determining action plans to solve problem related to conformity. The manager organizes the necessary events and participates to the training of the employees on any new processes or policies. With the ability to work on balancing multiple priorities, the production compliance manager must be able to work autonomously and in a team environment. Preserving the company’s knowledge in a structured way, the compliance manager is also the gatekeeper of the procedures and protocols which help to offer consistency and improve efficiency. Lastly, the production compliance manager has the role of instigator of change, driving the operational performance and reliability.

Environment & Culture
The candidate would have the ability to work in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous work environment. The person would have the resilience levels to function and manage its stress in this employment condition. Adapting to the speed of change and the fluctuations required by the business complexity, the candidate would show a culture of high performance and foster positive and professional standards in a relationship-based business.

Engagement & Proposition
Champion a positive and productive culture of high performance, supporting the brand as a global industry leader in visual effects – work with Software Team to define functionality requirements for updating or creating new tools, and completing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on new software releases and change requests made by Production; be an advocate of diversity and inclusivity; and act as an ambassador to promote MPC film within the local film community.

Key Skills:
Leadership: Leading by example, inspiring and engaging people on the objectives, mediating interests of different stakeholders, handling difficult conversations.
- Management: Highly organized and analytical; excellent use of initiative and decision-making; autonomous; adept in skillfully juggling tasks; ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment, with a strong sense of urgency to achieve results.
Communication: Honest and attentive; excellent listening skills; excellent presentation and written/verbal comms; good at and open to teaching others.
- Curiosity: Likes to investigate; always interested on knowing how things work, curious about new tools (especially for automation) 
- Detail oriented: Sees value in order and processes, appreciates, and delivers accuracy, able to predict how details can influence the functioning of a system, reporting accuracy. 
- Problem Solving: Likes to detect and solve problems; creative approach to solve challenging situations; forward-planning; a critical thinker who loves to make things better.
- People Person: Team player who can build relationships and work with diverse teams; collaborative and approachable, but able to be firm when needed.


  • 6+ years of relevant experience within a fast-paced environment
  • MS Excel proficiency required (large data files, power queries, tables, advanced formulas)
  • Microsoft suite proficiency required (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint)
  • VFX Film Industry knowledge and Show Experience is a great advantage.
  • Knowledge in MS Power BI and/or Power Automate is a great advantage too.
  • Experience in Project Management, Accounting, Audit or Compliance is a bonus.
  • Previous work experience at a large facility is another bonus.


  • Road map

          o Creation and standardization
                - Request the road map to be created when new shows are announced
                - Provide a template to be filled
          o Validation and QC
                - Provide an agenda for road map presentation
                - Cross all the QC items or request further information on missing items
                - If needed, set up a follow up meeting
          o Milestone
                  Help to track milestone progression & completion as established in the roadmap 

  • Creative Groups and Standard Calendar

          o Ensure all projects are conform on both aspects
          o Confirm the regular meetings are happening
                - 3 weeks sprint  
                - Weekly quotas meeting
                - P&L meeting
                - Others

  • Quotas

          o Validate frequently if all level of production is participating to the quota system
               - Daily Quotas Report (DQR) - sent every day by coordinators
               - Combined Quotas Report (Combined DQR) - sent every day by PAs
               - Actual Report (Actual Report) - sent on Monday by PMs/Producers
          o Inspect the quality of information
               - Review the validity of the information presented and intervene if needed
          o Issues and Action raised
               - Ensure the report includes Issues and Actions for all problematic areas prior to meeting

  • Delivery and Escalation meeting

          o Responsible to get meetings booked with proper nomenclature
              - Provide a list of attendees for the meetings
              - As per the escalation chart, book escalation meetings when needed
          o Attend meetings
              - Verify that all the right data is being used and presented during meetings
              - Make sure all the issues are logged and have ownership
              - Raise all previous issues and call out owners for update
         o During escalation meeting, raise items from delivery meeting that needed to an actions/solutions

  • Documentation: procedures, protocols & reports (PPR)

         o Provide the appropriate documents on demand
         o Coordinate the creation, review and implementation of policies and procedures
              - Collaborate with SMT and GLT to get sign off o Organize rollout and training session
         o Keep and maintain the documentation and reports in a specific location accessible to all (Wiki)

  • Reporting

         o Create or improve reports in MS Excel (or MS Power BI)
         o Coordinate the development and user adoption of MS Power BI dashboards
         o Ad hoc reporting requests from Senior and Executive Management.

  • Audit / Compliance

          o Coordinate audit and compliance check
          o File audit report and share results with SMT and GLT
              - Determine actions plan to reach conformity when needed

  • Project Management

          o Lead, manage, and implement new compliance-based projects across the organization.
          o Responsible for all stages of the project lifecycle, from project set-up and planning through execution, all the way to successful delivery and implementation.
          o Manage the project team required for the delivery of the compliance project(s) under your domain (note: project-based management rather than line management).
          o Create and maintain all key project documentation.
          o Present and report on project status to the agreed frequency level to a range of stakeholders across the business.
          o Partner with other parts of the organization to help identify and manage both upstream and downstream project dependencies.
          o Ensure that products and processes created and delivered during these projects are then successfully transitioned into business as usual (BaU) operation

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