Javascript App Dev Instructor (Part-Time, Evening)

  • Dallas, TX
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Company Description

About TTS.

Tech Talent South is a southern-based tech education company and we are proud to be leading the way in creating more tech talent in the Southern U.S. and beyond. From our 8-week, full-time code immersion bootcamps to our 2-day data analytics workshops, our curriculum provides you with the skills and tools to succeed. Whether you're looking to jump start your journey into the tech industry or you’re an entrepreneur ready to take the tech side of your business to the next level, we’ve got you covered. TTS campuses can be found in Asheville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Phoenix, Winston-Salem and Raleigh. Learn to code and get ready to do something <BIG> with Tech Talent South!


Our coding courses feature the most practical and widely used languages, including Ruby on Rails (ROR) an insanely popular Internet application framework. ROR has been utilized in creating tools for some of our favorite applications like Hulu and Twitter. Students also learn HTML/CSS and interactivity-enhancing JavaScript to create websites with superior web experience. Some of our newer course offerings include iOS Development using Swift and Big Data Analytics.


TTS truly values community and fostering a strong ecosystem through dynamic and collaborative educational and networking events that bring together local startup/tech companies and local professionals. TTS students are able to immerse themselves in the community, fostering lasting personal and professional relationships with the best people in the community. Our supportive, non-intimidating, and collaborative community is filled with passionate, like-minded students on their way to doing great things. Along the way, you'll get the mentoring you need from local professionals in relevant fields and the Tech Talent South staff.

Job Description

Understanding Your Role:

As an Instructor, you are responsible for the student experience in and out of the classroom. These responsibilities specifically lie in the realm of instruction as it pertains to the curriculum set forth by Tech Talent South.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead instruction of course material in specified class hours.​

  • Attend and mentor students during office hours.

  • Be available to mentor students outside of class and office hours.

As a TTS team member, you also will:

  • Teach in a rewarding atmosphere

  • Take on occasional side projects that may, or may not, be exclusive to your campus.



This course is designed to be a hands-on foundation in modern web application development with JavaScript. In the course, you'll begin with pure JavaScript fundamentals and concepts, and will quickly accelerate to building 'Single Page Applications' with JavaScript and a new, popular framework built by Facebook, called React. By the end of the course, students will be building fully functional, real-time, JavaScript based web applications.

What we're looking for:

  • Skills and experience in full-stack web development. Especially in:

    • JavaScript Basics

    • JavaScript Functions

    • Async and OOP

    • JavaScript and the Browser

    • AJAX, APIs and Application Structure

    • ES2015 and Build Tools

    • React Basics

    • React and Firebase

  • More important than deep technical experience is the ability to communicate effectively to beginners. Someone with good communication skills and social aptitude is key.

  • Someone with a passion and understanding of teaching code. Dedication, persistence, patience, attention to detail, and enthusiasm are great characteristics for this role.

  • A good and inviting attitude.

Additional Information

Classes meet for 10 weeks, Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6-9pm

Location: the DEC

Please upload resume to be considered for TTS positions.