Lead Behavioral Instructor

  • 1 Short St, Northampton, MA 01060, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Located in Western MA, Tate Behavioral provides home, school and community based services utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We serve individuals with disabilities and their families.  This includes those diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities, cognitive disabilities and emotional disabilities.  We specialize in treating clients whose behavioral repertoires limit their community access and independence, and who may engage in significantly unsafe behavior.

Job Description

The Lead Behavioral Instructor (LBI) position is designed to meet the individual needs of clients with a variety of limitations and/or challenges and additionally support the Supervising Behavior Analyst. Job priorities include providing direct instruction within the school, home and/or community setting as outlined in treatment and behavior support plans. The job requires that the LBI be very familiar with the student/s to whom s/he is assigned and to interpret and apply written plans, procedures, and other protocols as prescribed by their supervisor.


Lead Behavioral Instructors are directly supervised by the Supervising BCBA Supervisor/Consultant and/or the Assistant Clinical Director/s and Clinical Director.



    • An undergraduate degree in a field relevant to ABA, Psychology or Education
    • Completion of at least one semester of Master’s level coursework in a relevant field
    • Experience and training in ABA that has been directly applied with clients for a minimum of two years



    Additional Information


    A.   Specific areas of supervision and support provided to BIs by the Supervising Behavior Analyst and Clinical Director:

    1. Provide teaching/learning procedures for managing both antecedent and consequent conditions in addition to treatment plan goals and BSPs.
    2. Additional instruction and supervision in implementation of instructional/ behavioral procedures.
    3. Additional instruction and supervision in data collection and management.
    4. Additional instruction and supervision in the preparation of teaching/learning materials and other behavioral support materials.
    5. Advanced training in specific topics of interest to support professional growth and development.
    6. Additional instruction and supervision around staff training.
    7. Additional instruction in maintaining databases.
    8. Additional instruction in program and procedural writing, identifying, measuring and defining target behaviors.
    9. Exposure to Functional Behavioral Assessment and Functional Analysis procedures including design and implementation.


    B.    Specific Job duties required of a BI are as follows:

    1. The LBI’s primary job responsibility is providing direct instruction, supervision and safety support to the client/s to whom s/he is assigned.
    2. The LBI will follow all behavioral and instructional procedures as written or described by the Behavior Analyst, Lead Behavioral Instructor, or Clinical Director.
    3. The LBI will assist clients in following their daily schedules, completing all activities specified for each treatment session, and implement all plans and procedures as prescribed.
    4. The LBI will set up and organize client schedules, data sheets, communication logs, daily lesson plans, or other required paperwork and documentation.
    5. The LBI will collect data thoroughly, accurately, and legibly, as specified for each client.
    6. The LBI will maintain fluency in the SUPPORT curriculum and implement techniques as specified in the client’s behavior support plan (if necessary/applicable).
    7. The LBI will treat all family members with respect and dignity.
    8. The LBI will maintain confidentiality for clients and families in accordance with HIPPA regulations.
    9. Additionally, the LBI will direct assist the Supervising Behavior Analyst by writing procedures, taking probe data on clients and running Inter-observer Agreement checks with fellow staff persons.
    10. The LBI will also complete staff training on new procedures or Behavior Plan components and will provide additional training as needed.