BCBA Consultant

  • 1 Short St, Northampton, MA 01060, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Located in Western MA, Tate Behavioral provides home, school and community based services utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We serve individuals with disabilities and their families.  This includes those diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities, cognitive disabilities and emotional disabilities.  We specialize in treating clients whose behavioral repertoires limit their community access and independence, and who may engage in significantly unsafe behavior.

Job Description

The BCBA Consultant holds a hybrid position as the clinical supervisor for all school and home based programs while also maintaining direct instruction duties with some clients. The BCBA Consultant provides consultative and direct instructional behavioral services to clients. The BCBA Consultant conducts assessments as needed, generates behavior support plans, and ensures the effective implementation of all in-home and school based treatment programs for all clients on their caseload. BCBA Consultants will not provide supervision to BCBA candidates that they supervise clinically.

The BCBA Consultant is directly supervised by the Assistant Clinical Director/s and/or Clinical Director.


  • Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis or related field
  • Minimum of three (3) years working with clients applying ABA principles of which at least one (1) of those years involved the management and oversight of other staff persons working directly with clients

  • Must hold an active BCBA certification and be in good standing with the BACB and be willing to become Licensed in the state of MA if licensure has not already been obtained at the time of hire

  • Must have superior organizational and managerial skills and a willingness to work collaboratively with both supervisors and subordinates


Additional Information


A. Specific areas of supervision and support provided to BCBA Consultants by the Clinical Director:

  1. Ongoing supervision and clinical oversight.

  2. Ongoing training and professional development opportunities.

  3. Assistance with administrative case management.

  4. Additional instruction and guidance around case formulation and development.

B. Specific Job duties required of a BCBA Consultant are as follows:

  1. Conduct behavioral assessments as appropriate to the client/student. Including but not limited to: Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), analogue Functional Assessment/Function Analysis (FA), and verbal behavior assessments such as the VB-MAPP.
  2. Assessment writing as part of the evaluation process.
  3. Designing interventions that are measurable while incorporating as much research design as possible.
  4. Providing consultation and training as assigned, both for existing school teams and internal direct care workers on home and school-based cases.
  5. Working with the Assistant Clinical Director/s and/or Clinical Director to provide leadership to teams including Behavioral Instructors and Lead Behavioral Instructors.
  6. Provide SUPPORT training and/or structure a SUPPORT training refresh as assigned or needed for teams they supervise.


Additional Duties:

  1. BCBA Consultants will attend all staff meetings.
  2. BCBA Consultants will participate in online and in person trainings as directed by the Clinical Director.
  3. BCBA Consultants will maintain professional certification and licensure with the BACB and state agencies.
  4. BCBA Consultants will maintain professionalism in all areas of presentation both in person and in written work/correspondence with team members/administrators.
  5. BCBA Consultants will communicate issues and concerns regarding cases and progress with the Clinical Director clearly, effectively and in a timely manner.
  6. Should a concern be brought to the BCBA Consultant’s attention by a direct staff person (BI or LBI) the BCBA Consultant will bring the issue to the immediate attention of the Clinical Director in person or in writing.
  7. The BCBA Consultant will assist the Clinical Director or other member of the Administrative Leadership Team in matters related to billing, contracting, and timesheet management for cases they supervise.
  8. BCBA Consultants will document work hours on a weekly basis.
  9. BCBA Consultants will schedule and organize a monthly team meeting for all cases that they supervise.