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TalentSum is a talent acquisition consultancy and best practices implementation firm committed to helping our clients achieve sustainable results all across their talent acquisition landscape. We bring a depth of expertise in strategy, marketing, advisory services, technology, sourcing, and analytics to improve performance and outcomes, reduce costs, leverage technology, and transform their ability to attract, engage and hire their people.

Companies partner with TalentSum to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing talent acquisition environment, create a real competitive advantage for the business, transform their ability to attract and engage candidates that fit, build teams of highly engaged employees, and deliver high-performing culture.

Our approach is very different from the traditional recruitment firm model. We don’t drive our business model with a focus on high-fee recruiting. Instead, we rely on a much more consultative approach and work alongside our clients as a full parter with complete transparency to drive long-term talent acquisition success. Think of TalentSum as a management consultancy focused on talent acquisition.

Why talent acquisition? We believe that acquiring the right talent and keeping people engaged and committed is the most important set of actions an organization can take to build their business and improve results. We believe that better opportunities and a brighter future comes from attracting, engaging and hiring the right people – and that leading with an optimized and strategic approach to talent acquisition can be a real business driver and bring true competitive advantage. This also supports three ideas we believe make any workplace a better place:

  1. companies becoming healthy and more attractive places to work
  2. employers attracting and keeping all the right people on board
  3. and everyone helping people to find and stay connected to the best work for them

If you haven't done so already, please visit and read up on our culture, soul, and who we actively look for. Then, if you are still interested - and believe yourself to be a fit even though we're set up more like a management consultancy than recruitment agency - we welcome you to apply below.

Job Description

Here's what we actively look for:

Sales (New Business) -- the minimum we need is for you to have at least 12 months experience in either B2B sales or business development. It's not for the sake of having a minimum level of experience, it's to ensure that your experience with us is a positive one (we're lean and don't have a training team to handhold you while you learn the basics of sales).

Consulting Services -- the minimum we need is for you to have expert-level experience in talent acquisition consulting with a track record of proven success. You are quite comfortable and very capable working and connecting dots all across the talent acquisition landscape, including: data analytics, employer branding, recruitment marketing, recruitment technology, research/sourcing and recruitment/hiring optimization. It's critical that you know how to move companies from transactional to strategic and have prior experience advising, consulting and implementing across a wide range of related issues. 

Analytics Services -- the minimum we need is for you to have advanced-level experience in talent acquisition data analytics with a track record of proven success. You are comfortable pulling data, analyzing results - even auditing programs - to understand and interpret the relationships between diverse sets of data. You have the ability to build complex executive dashboards, create and deliver next-step visualizations, and tell a compelling story through data analysis.

Technology Services -- we're a bit more flexible here in terms of work experience (because there are many different ways to collect the right level of experience), but you still need to demonstrate how you've been able to successfully implement and deliver technologies all across the talent acquisition landscape. You are capable of holding problem-solving conversations across recruitment marketing solutions, survey and assessment tools, interview and video products, career website technologies, applicant tracking systems, AI sourcing tools, recruitment / sourcing solutions, and more. You are able to discuss in detail dozens of past successful technology implementations.

Marketing Services -- the minimum we need is for you to have intermediate-level experience working in employer branding, recruitment marketing, or marketing automation with a track record of proven success. You have experience in, and are passionate about, some or all the following: activating employer brands and value propositions, collecting raw data to tease out fit, deploying employee surveys, researching the competition, developing hiring profiles and candidate personas, crafting and editing content marketing, developing career websites, nurturing and capturing candidate leads through candidate marketing solutions, designing and deploying recruitment marketing and social media programs, and so on.

Sourcing Services -- the minimum we need is for you to have intermediate-level sourcing experience with a search firm or in-house recruiting team with a track record of proven success. You are able to collaborate and communicate well with others and have a passion for research and for connecting amazing talent with client employment opportunities across all departments. You are able to execute on a sourcing strategy and build a strong pipeline of candidates - and have proven experience combining reliable methods and channels that work with new, forward-thinking hacks and approaches such as AI-powered technologies, sophisticated data analytics, brand marketing and targeted content and more. Having experience designing programs would be a plus but not required. 


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TalentSum is an equal opportunity employer, strengthened by the diversity of our workforce.

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