DevOps engineer (with sysadmin background)

  • Ushyns'koho St, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description

We are changing the world of television by creating an innovative way to watch TV directly from the motherland anywhere around the world. We invite you to join our growing company and to contribute to the revolution of how people watch TV. Our employees are our pride and our most valuable asset. If you always dreamed of working in a fun environment with an open organization structure and solid management and your culture fits our culture then we are the right place for you!


  • Integrity is in our DNA
  • Employees are our family
  • We are young, very ambitious and dedicated to achieving success

We're looking for smart, ambitious, forward-thinking problem solvers with the same set of values to join our world-class team and help us make our company even better.


Our technology department is building systems that serve the best customers in the world - our customers. Our platform uses some of the most cutting-edge technologies available. We have built most of our systems on open-source technologies. We use Linux, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache, Nginx and more (you can even help us figure out what else!).

Job Description

  1. Design and maintain High-load and High-availability infrastructure;
  2. Analysis of service infrastructure needs and their justification;
  3. Performance monitoring;
  4. Performance tuning via auto-scaling;
  5. Write and update scripts;
  6. Dockerizing Applications;
  7. Writing Ansible playbooks;
  8. Creating CI/CD pipelines for company projects.


  1.  2+ years of relevant experience in DevOps role;
  2. Good knowledge of container tooling and orchestration technologies ;
  3. Good knowledge of service mesh;
  4. Good experience with Linux;
  5. Good understanding of production-level network architecture;
  6. Experience with setting up and maintaining monitoring services like Prometheus/Alertmanager;/Grafana
  7. Experience with relational databases
  8. Good knowledge of scripting;
  9. Good knowledge of Ansible
  10. Knowledge of CI/CD tools like Jenkins, etc.;

Additional Information

Benefits that are awaiting you if you join us:

  1. Compensation in direct correlation to your knowledge and talent
  2. Flexible schedule and working hours.
  3. Work from ANYWHERE around the world

Unlimited opportunities for self-realization:

  1. Friendly, professional, highly motivated and productive team made up from best of the best
  2. Creative Environment where You will never be bored at work again!
  3. And....slowly, but surely we are getting ready to conquer the world.

Join us!

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