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Description de l'entreprise

We are proving a SAAS solution allowing companies to put payment data at the core of their strategy (market insights, acquisition, unified commerce, loyalty, advertising) 
Thanks to Transaction Connect, retailers are building and deploying a seamless omnichannel shopping experience to their customers and to retain them.

Based on open banking technologies, retail assets and machine learning. We have been approved as a payment institution by the Banque de France (ACPR) since 2018, operate in 9 EU live countries and analyze several million transactions / year. 

And this is only the beginning of the adventure !! :o)

Description du poste

 You’ll be responsible for creating from the ground up our newest product line,” Insights” where your only mission will be to deliver actionable strategic insight to our customers thanks to the millions of transactions we process on a monthly basis. 

  • Aligned with strategic objectives, you’ll be responsible of your roadmap defined per quarter where you’ll: 
    • manage the entire lifecycle of the product backlog of your scope (from priorization to delivery)
    • define & monitor success KPIs over your product squad
    • lead scrum ceremonies of your product squad (Planning, review, refinement..)
    • conduct user research (guerilla tests, surveys, user interface testing...)  alongside the UX team, to understand frictions & pain points of our users
  • Deliver a best in class functional documentation to our customers & integration partners 
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders (marketing, sales, support, CSMs..) to understand & anticipate what to build! 
  • Give visibility to your stakeholders over your roadmap progress through dedicated communications / demos.. 

Cultural Fit : 

  1. Why not ? - We are entrepreneurs. Impossible isn't part of our vocabulary. Take your chance by the hand and get out of the box, dare. Don’t we say : “World doesn't smile for daring people ?”
  2. Push it to the limit - Make a difference every day, to surpass ourselves with our teammates as with our customers. We like to set challenges, to step out of our comfort zone to have the maximum impact.
  3. We never walk alone - We are a team. Together we exceed our goals, in solidarity, until the end. Mutual aid is not an option.
  4. Truth builds trust !  - We are direct and respect all ideas expressed. Take a clear and strong position, but say it! "Tell it like it is" is our backbone of scaling up.
  5. We deeply care - We take care of each other, our customers as well as the security of the data we collect. And it's not negotiable.


At least 3 years minimum of experience as a PO including a relevant experience with data challenges (ex : raw data-API, affinity scoring, algorithms, analytics tools, recommendation engine...)  

  • Masters degree from a engineering or business school
  • You have previously worked in the retail industry or for a BI-Analytics software vendor. 
  • Data storytelling is something that means something to you
  • You’re an analytical person, you’re backing up your decisions with data
  • You ideally already have a previous experience in a scale up 
  • You’re familiar with user discovery & lean best practices

Informations complémentaires

3 steps recruitment process :

1°) HR interview focused on your core skills for the position and your cultural fit (and your salary expectation ^^)

2°) Product skills assessment with our Head of Product and maybe a product use case :)

3°) Last interview with our Head of Data & Engineering.

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