Mid-Level Front End Developer (Javascript)

  • Cebu City, Cebu City, Philippines
  • Full-time

Company Description

Our company headquarters located in Japan. It is a Digital Creative Studio/Software Development Company that has 6 branches in 4 countries (Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines) with over 2500 software developers.

Our  Vision and Mission:
Our goal is to create a world where everyone can "make awesome things that matter."

The word "sun" included in our company name represents our vision. As the sun nurtures all lives on the earth, we aim to become a solid nurturing infrastructure for innovative businesses and innovators by shedding light on their "seed." 

The * (asterisk) is a symbol used in many programming languages to represent multiplication. Through assembling the most qualified teams for value creation, transcending the boundaries between startups and large companies, and collaborating with people, things, and matters that are seriously tackling social issues, we promote all industries' digitization and launch positive updates to society.

Are you interested in creating a world where everyone has the freedom to make awesome things that matter? 

Our Culture:
Our organization and each of our employees share the 7 values and 5 personality traits. Our team is defined by our 7 values which includes,  Be a Team, Think Outside the Box, Get Risky, Be Optimistic, Go Fast and Be Professional.

Our team is also shaped with 5 personalities which includes being; Optimistic, Generous, Agile, Skillful and Adventurous.

We highly value our culture as an essential part in achieving our mission.

Job Description

As the Mid-level Frontend Developer, you will be responsible for playing a key role in the software development life cycle. 

Some of your duties and responsibilities will include: 
• In charge of coding, code maintenance, and testing. 
• In charge of programming training for fresh members. 
• Responsible for researching the latest programming techniques and web technologies. 
• Communicate with the manager or team members on issues and in providing solutions. 
• Assist the team in achieving the project goals and meeting the project schedule. 
• Perform routine site maintenance as needed TECHNICAL EXPERIENCES


• Extensive experience of Javascript (ES6) (3-5yrs) 
   - Next.js 
   - Typescript 
   - React/Vuejs 
• Sass/Less 
• Understanding of Flux patterns 
• Understanding of GitHub workflow 
• Responsive design and media queries 
• Unit testing (Jest, Enzyme) 
• Good sense of CSS architecture, and CSS layouting 
• Familiar with SDLC priniciples, such as Agile


• A team player
• Keen to details
• Problem-solver
• Critical thinking skills
• Trainable and self-organized
• Responsible communicator
• Goal driven

Nice to have:
• Docker
• Azure experience
• Have understanding on microservices
• Styled components, Styled JSX
• Tailwind


• Graduated from College, University specialized in Information Technology or equivalent.
• From 4 to 5 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.


TWICE a year salary adjustments
WFH setup until further notice
WFH Allowance
Company bonus (profit-sharing bonus)
HMO upon onboarding
Monthly events with food vouchers
Access to various learning materials for skilling up.
MON to FRI working days ONLY

Additional Information

1.  Free Learning Materials for Latest Techs.
    • Many available Udemy tutorial videos for various topics selected by Sun* members such as below.
        * BackEnd Development: Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Laravel (PHP), Spring (Java)
        * FrontEnd Development: React, React Native, Vue.js, etc.
        * Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
        * Others: Unity, TensorFlow, Jenkins, CI/CD so on.
    • Access right to Safari Books Online which is provided by O'Reilly Media.
2. Many latest Gadgets for your experience to consider future user experience.
    * Oculus Go for VR experience.
    * Oculus Quest for VR experience.
    * Amazon Echo for Voice Interface.
    * Google Home for Voice Interface.