State Lead - Maine

  • Part-time

Company Description

SubjectToClimate (StC) is a nonprofit online connector for K-12 educators of all subjects to find credible and engaging materials on climate change at no cost.


    Job Description

    Position Description

    State Lead manages a particular state’s Teacher Taskforce in climate change education activities throughout the state. The role includes:


    • Building community within the state’s Teacher taskforce 
      • Host monthly “Climate Chat” with taskforce members to stay connected
        • Connect with fellows of that state
        • Share resources to support teachers with climate change education 
      • Professional development opportunities in the state and collaborate with Content Management team to expand state PLOs
      • Launch and expand the Mentorship Program in the state
    • Initiating partnerships with local organizations
      • Lead and/or actively participate in the state’s “Advisory Committee,” a coalition of organizations that provides feedback to SubjectToClimate on the development, launch, and distribution of state Hubs. 
      • Establish relationships with local universities that offer coursework in sustainability
      • Connect with organizations with aligned mission or areas of overlap with SubjectToClimate 
      • Partner with schools, administration, government agencies, etc. 
    • Recruiting and building the state taskforce.
      • Know opportunities available to teachers in that state and spearhead activities to involve teachers
      • Present at conferences and state events related to climate change education
      • Collaborate with Research Department to actively increase diversity of taskforce members and build inclusive environment 
    • Developing systems to ensure that the Teacher Taskforce knows what to do (process) and that each member undergoes  the training process.
      • Share opportunities that come up with SubjectToClimate 
      • state Leads ensure Teacher Taskforce stay connected to SubjectToClimate even if they can’t attend all-hands/gathering
      • Leverage each Teacher Taskforce members strengths and talents to pioneer opportunities to collaborate and expand
    • Designing initiatives to build awareness of the state resources and/or hub
      • Lead an “Advisory Committee”
      • Conduct state-specific outreach
      • Host webinars that work best for teachers in that state
      • Customize to the varied needs of teachers in that state
      • Host a monthly chat open to all educators in the state as a check-in, update on new LPs and resources, and to support educators in their climate education journey
    • Collaborate with different state leads
      • Attend monthly/periodic meetings with state leads
    • Communicate with various departments at SubjectToClimate to review project opportunities/needs available to state Teacher Taskforce members
    • Delivering quarterly update reports 




    • Passionate about our mission and values 
    • Local knowledge of education systems (State Department of Education, local school districts, state partners, educational associations, educational organizations, etc.) 
    • Experience with outreach 
    • Able to inclusively lead people of various backgrounds across multiple stakeholders
    • Strong relationship building and communication skills
    • Courage and creativity to take on new partnerships in order to expand SubjectToClimate’s reach in the state 
    • Able to balance working independently and collaboratively
    • Available to work 10-15 hours per week 
    • Access to Internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer


    Auxiliary Requirements

    • Ability to travel for conferences/events
    • Experience as an educator, both traditional and nontraditional welcome
    • Leadership experience, local and community based

    Additional Information

    *Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) are strongly encouraged to apply. 

    *You do not need to be a current teacher. All disciplines and grade levels are welcome to apply. 

    *Non-formal educators outside of school settings are also encouraged to apply. 

    *Even if you think you are not qualified, we encourage you to submit an application. 

    What We Offer

    Not only will you be part of an inspiring group of people from all over the U.S. and abroad, but we also offer: 

    • Flexible work schedule 
    • Training and support to develop skills that will enhance your resume 
    • Hourly financial compensation $26.25/hour