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Company Description

L'Association Étudiante de l'Université de McGill est présentement en période d'embauches. Avec plus de 20,000 membres, l'AÉUM a pour rôle de représenter les étudiants et de leur offrir des services depuis 1908.

The Student's Society of McGill University (SSMU) is currently hiring. With over 20,000 members, SSMU's role is to represent students and to offer services since 1908.

Job Description


The EDSRC Events Coordinator’s role is to organize intersectional, trauma-enforced, and harm reductive events run by the service. In collaboration with the other Events Coordinator, they will communicate with and manage a team of event volunteers. They will oversee all aspects of events run by the Centre, lead fundraising and promotional opportunities and delegate to their team of volunteers. They will be responsible for a total of six events minimum, in addition to the EDAW yearly two-day long conference bringing together organizations, stakeholders, students, and advocates to explore upcoming Eating disorder research and developments within the field.

Many EDRSC applicants are deeply passionate about supporting those suffering from eating disorders and disordered eating, often due to personal lived experiences. Keeping in mind the safety and capacity of our volunteers and coordinators, and the communities they each serve, The EDRSC strongly recommends that applicants be at least two years in recovery from personal lived experiences with the illness.


1. Oversee the planning and education of awareness campaigns, fundraising events, and
popular education events — most notably, the Eating Disorders Awareness Week
professional developments in the eating disorder field conference in February,
alongside a minimum of six additional events encompassing a variety of intersectional
events in the forms of panels, workshops, lectures, etc;
2. Work with the EDRSC’s communications department to run social media campaigns
with educational content for eating disorders, advertising for events, and fundraising
3. Work with the EDRCS’s finance department to administer honorarium requests to all
4. Be responsible for delegating tasks related to event planning amongst Events
5. Lead all event proposals, speaker interviews, advertisement information, content flow,
active listener logistics;
6. Ensuring of a diverse set of events for each school year, focusing on giving a voice to
underrepresented groups within the eating disorder field

7. Work with the EC and directly with the General Coordinator to schedule and plan
all semesterly events and ensure that these do not create any conflicts with the
Centre’s other activities and plans and respect SSMU Regulations and Rules;
8. Collect feedback on the Centre’s events from volunteers, membership, and event
participants in order to make improvements in the future;
9. Compiling yearly data reports and updating of internal documents based on such
10. Work with the Communications coordinator to produce the yearly EDRSC zine and;
11. Collect statistics on the Centre’s events including participation count, date, and time in
order to gauge public interest and make any necessary improvements.


  1. Comfort and knowledge of all current and past events of the service;
  2. General understanding of financial, communication, logistical aspects of event planning;
  3. Awareness of problematic and triggering depictions and descriptions of eating disorders;
  4. Diligence and impartiality in execution of duties;
  5. Ability to work effectively under pressure;
  6. Organized and capable of following through on a project;
  7. Future oriented and capable of planning events well ahead of any deadlines
  8. Initiative and results driven;
  9. Management and leadership skills;
  10. Relationship building and negotiation skills;
  11. Experience with awareness related/ mental health related event planning is an asset;
  12. Experience with leadership positions is an asset;
  13. Strong communication skills both in English and French is an asset

Additional Information

  • Paid position: $15.25
  • Contract dates: ASAP to May 31st, 2024;
  • Hours: 4-5 hours per week


It is understood and agreed that all matters to the SSMU and those clubs association or groups forming part of the SSMU are to be kept in the strictest of confidence, and nothing regarding the operations, policies and general activities of the SSMU or its constituent groups shall be divulged to any third party without the express consent of the General Manager and/or the Executive Committee of the SSMU.

At the SSMU, we are committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment, where everyone feels valued, respected and supported. We are dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community. If you require accommodation(s) for the recruitment/interview process, please let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.