International Student Representative - Board of Directors

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Company Description

The Student's Society of McGill University (SSMU) is currently hiring. With over 20,000 members, SSMU's role is to represent students and to offer services since 1908.


Comptant plus de 20,000 membres, le rôle de l’AÉUM a été de représenter les étudiants de premier cycle et de leur offrir des services depuis l’année 1908.

Job Description


Per the SSMU Constitution article 6.13, the International Student Representative may, at the invitation of the Board of Directors, attend meetings of the Board of Directors as a guest. The International Student Representative shall not have the right to vote or be counted for the purposes of establishing quorum at the meetings of the Board of Directors. For greater certainty, the International Student Representative is not a Director.

The Board of Directors (“BoD”) is the highest governing body of the Society and is responsible for overseeing decisions related to operations, finances, Human Resource (HR), and corporate status.


  1. At the invitation of the Board of Directors, attending meetings as a guest, in a non-voting capacity.


Persons fulfilling BOTH requirements below shall be eligible for the role of International Student Representative:

  1. SSMU Members;

  2. Persons who qualify as International Students of the SSMU Membership.

The following will be taken in consideration during the Nominating process:

  1. Strong knowledge of the SSMU and governance structures;

  2. Experience in financial, operational, and legal matters.

Additional Information

  • Deadline to apply: Friday, December 15th, 2023
  • Position type: Volunteer, unpaid
  • Hours: As required, on average 4 hours a month

At the SSMU, we are committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment, where everyone feels valued, respected and supported. We are dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community. If you require accommodation(s) for the recruitment/interview process, please let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.


A l’AÉUM, nous sommes engagés à promouvoir un environnement inclusif et accessible où tout le monde se sent estimé, respecté et supporté. Nous sommes attachés à construire une équipe dont les effectifs témoignent de la diversité de notre communauté. Si vous avez besoin d’aménagements au cours du processus de recrutement ou d’entrevue, s’il vous plait, faites-le nous savoir et nous travaillerons avec vous afin de répondre à vos besoins.