Menstrual Hygiene Products Coordinator

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Company Description

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Job Description

The Menstrual Hygiene Products Coordinator will be responsible for collecting data of stock of menstrual hygiene products in various buildings in the Downtown Campus and report back to the General Manager throughout the week. This position will also provide the necessary stockage in each building’s female bathrooms to ensure that no product is missing.           


  1. Analyze and get familiar with the buildings of faculties around the Downtown Campus which are included in the delivery and data collection of the menstrual hygiene products;
  2. Transport and deliver the menstrual hygiene products to appropriate spaces in each building;
  3. Collect the accurate data for each bathroom’s quantity of the menstrual hygiene products, and how much should be delivered the following time;
  4. Follow up with suppliers of the menstrual hygiene products and submit the appropriate quantities to be ordered, which should be reviewed with the General Manager in advance;
  5. Act as a liaison between the different faculty buildings and the General Manager in terms of reporting data and information;
  6. Report to General Manager on a weekly basis regarding all follow-ups and communications between different faculty buildings and staff.


To undertake other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the General Manager from time to time.


  1. Must be self-motivated and able to work autonomously;
  2. Integrity, good planning skills, interpersonal skills, a high degree of organization skills;
  3. Good communication skills in English and French is an asset.

Additional Information


  • Paid position: $13.30 per hour;
  • Hours: an average of 7 hours per week;