Mobilisation Coordinator

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Company Description

With over 20,000 members, SSMU’s role is to represent undergraduate students and to offer them services since 1908.


Comptant plus de 20,000 membres, le rôle de l’AÉUM a été de représenter les étudiants de premier cycle et de leur offrir des services depuis l’année 1908. 

Job Description

The Mobilisation Coordinator will support SSMU-affiliated campaigns’ growth and mobilization efforts by acting as a liaison between these campus groups and the rest of the student body. They will engage individual students through information discussions and popular education, and may operate through pre-existing channels which reach large numbers of students, notably faculty associations and clubs, for increased efficacy.


  1. Building student consciousness about the political activities of the Society through presentations, popular education, and other strategies as determined in collaboration with campaign organisers.
  2. Working with the SSMU Campaigns Coordinators to provide information about support the Society can offer to nascent campaigns.
  3. Assessing campus support for and concerns about existing campaigns for the purpose of structure testing.
  4. Maintaining relationships with official bodies of student democracy such as department and faculty associations for use by campaigns.
  5. Other campaign-related tasks as needed.


  • Knowledge or interest in political affairs, organizing, and social movements;
  • Organization skills;
  • Verbal communication skills;
  • Knowledge of structures and consultative processes used by faculties and departments of the University;
  • Knowledge of campaigns on campus is considered an asset;
  • Good communication skills both in English and French are desirable.

Additional Information


  • Paid position: $13.59 per hour
  • Hours: Approximately 10 hours per week
  • Contract: September 1st, 2019 through April 30th, 2020
  • Deadline to apply is August 23, 2019