Data Scientist (Intern)

  • Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, Paris, France
  • Full-time

Company Description

Streem Energy provides innovative SaaS solutions to the increasingly distributed power market. Our customers are all along the power value chain: ranging from renewable energy producers , power aggregators, energy suppliers to multisite consumers and prosumers. 

Through our expertise in artificial intelligence, interface design and our deep knowledge in renewable energy generation and power market mechanisms, we build models that generate actionable insights to manage new sources of energy.

Our cloud platform communicates in real-time with thousands of renewable energy assets and we are on a very busy roadmap to push the renewable energy revolution forward !

By contributing to the digitalization of the power market industry, we evolve in a European, innovation driven, fast growth ecosystem. We are a young but fast-growing company: our lean and very organised team empowers talented individuals to own important responsibilities, collaborate on multiple subjects, and quickly advance their career !

Job Description

Our team is actively looking for a Data Scientist Intern to apply ML models to our power data time series. You will be in charge of developing a robust automatic defect detection model for wind and solar renewable production. 

During your internship, you will: 

  • Process weather and renewable production data
  • Find a way to create a clean database without outliers by developing a preprocessing model
  • Develop an incident detection model using supervised and unsupervised data
  • Use gradient boosting and neural networks
  • Create a benchmarking platform to compare models and improve performances
  • Try to understand models performances
  • Compare performance between different scale strategies
  • Suggest improvements strategies for our predictive models


As a young company, we are looking for independent and proactive candidates, who are rigorous and keen to continually progress .

  • You are about to finish a Master’s or Engineering degree in a quantitative field (mathematics or data science) with strong IT skills
  • A first internship involving quantitative analysis or machine learning would be a plus
  • You know at least the basics of python and some machine learning libraries or other relevant coding skills
  • you have in depth knowledge of data science principles and practices
  • you have a strong interest for complex machine learning models (supervised & unsupervised, deep learning etc.)
  • You have basic statistic knowledge
  • You are open-minded, ambitious and proactive
  • You know how to work in a team and encourage collective improvement
  • You have a “pioneering” spirit and enjoy working in early stage start-ups