Digital Marketing Account Manager (Remote)

  • 2218 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, Bellevue, WA 98008, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

In early 2015, Roy Steves and Shilo Jones knew that there was an opening in the market for a new kind of digital marketing agency.  Both Roy and Shilo had eCommerce experience, growing retail businesses by significant multiples during their tenure and the assumed that their retailer experience would give them an edge.  And so, starting in September of 2015, StatBid was born.  Growth was rapid, but fueled entirely by word of mouth, and without outside capital.  This allowed them to design the business around a few core concepts: 

  1. We love to talk shop.  One of the most rewarding aspects of their past careers had been meeting up with other eCommerce professionals, and comparing notes on what worked, what didn't, and what was learned.  StatBid was to be a vessel for that sharing.
  2. We want to help, even outside our channel.  An extension of the first, this allows us to use our own eCommerce experience to provide guidance and recommendations to those clients who could benefit from it--and not just within Google Ads.  Roy and Shilo's passion extended to everything from attribution to margin management to inventory planning.
  3. We want to work with the best, from anywhere.  In another diversion from our past experience, we decided to build StatBid as an entirely remote team.  While we'd have to relearn how to manage and develop teams, as our in-office experience wouldn't port directly, we would have access to talent from across the country, and even the world.

Roy and Shilo imagine themselves as scrappy, clever disruptors, bringing a refreshing update to the already calcifying SEM agency space.  They helped dozens of companies, earning many of them as clients, and growth followed, as positive word of mouth multiplied our efforts.  Today, StatBid is now six full-time staff (including the founders), as well as a half dozen incredibly talented freelancers from around the globe.  The team at StatBid is learning quickly, improving daily, and helping produce millions in incremental revenue for their clients.

Job Description

The Account Manager is the first on the scene to identify, diagnose, and remedy issues in client accounts that would hurt efficiency or long term growth of their accounts.  They act as a switchboard operator, as well, channeling support tasks through the other teams (statistical analysis, copywriting, programming, etc.), and ensure follow through.


Can Do

  • You have a working knowledge of Google Analytics & Google Ads.  Working knowledge of other digital marketing channels and e-commerce specific experience would be a bonus.
  • You are innately curious and have demonstrated experience analyzing problems and implementing solutions.
  • You are proficient working with structured data, and performing routine data manipulation and analysis using any spreadsheet or database tools (Google Sheets, Excel, MySQL, etc.).
  • You are especially strong in both written and verbal communication (email, Slack, phone, video-conference, in-person).
  • Occasional travel is required (we anticipate roughly two days travel per quarter).
Will Do
  • You are a team-oriented player and recognize your success and the success of our clients is the success of the whole team.
  • You embrace following the StatBid playbook (we don't work like other agencies, after all), but also work collaboratively to improve our standards.
  • You are diplomatic and can say "no" to certain client requests that we don't support while preserving the client relationship.
  • You enjoy teaching or mentoring, including colleagues and clients.
Sources of Satisfaction
  • Due to the distributed nature of StatBid you have nearly complete geographic flexibility and some flexibility when you do your work (you'll need to have sufficient overlapping availability with our clients and teammates).
  • There are always new problems to solve.
  • Even operating within the StatBid playbook, you'll have a lot of autonomy to have a large impact both with our clients, and with StatBid.
  • There is also an expectation, with time allocated, for you to improve the StatBid playbook helping us continually improve.
  • You'll get to work with really cool companies that are innovating in their respective categories.
Sources of Dissatisfaction
  • The double-edge sword is that the remote nature of StatBid can create some feelings of isolation with plenty of distractions, which requires someone that is predisposed to be disciplined and self-motivated to succeed.
  • With continual problems to solve, there are always competing priorities and occasional emergencies to triage.  Task switching can be taxing, if necessary.
  • Some tasks are relatively repetitive, even monotonous.  We try to automate these whenever possible, but where that's not practical or possible, they do need to get done.  

Additional Information

We believe that a company’s culture is an emergent property of its people, not something that can be decided and approved upon by a board, and then dictated to employees.  As such, this isn't the first version of the list, and may not be the last.

"The Seven Cs"

  • Conscientious:  Everyone is trying to make their businesses successful, and each has their own journey toward that goal.  We must therefore maintain an empathetic foundation in our interactions, with our peers, partners, clients, industry, and world.  We operate with respect and care, especially over disagreement, but also in the way we individually, or collectively as StatBid, deal with others.
  • Candid: We strive to be as transparent and honest as possible.  Life’s opportunities increase proportionally to our willingness to have awkward conversations.  While it’s easy to share victories, only through honest, candid assessment can we improve over time, and help others to do the same.  
  • Collaborative:  There’s a saying: “If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  While it’s surprisingly difficult to trace to an original source, it sticks in the public consciousness for good reason--some things will call for the first approach, others the second.  StatBid is in the business of going far, and that takes a team.  Humans are such a successful species, in part, due to our ability to combine our talents and experience, and we embrace this opportunity.
  • Creative:  Our industry changes far too quickly to allow any complacency.  As a result, we must constantly be looking for new, innovative, and creative ways to approach challenges.  Creativity demands the ability to step back, and find new perspectives on old limitations.  We will rise to the challenge.  
  • Clever:  Not only should we try to be creative in our problem solving, but our solutions themselves should display elegance.  We are energized by scrappy, innovative thinking, and our business will be guided in no small part by that approach.  This will allow us to punch above our weight class, and out-maneuver potential risks and barriers.
  • Constructive:  Everything we’ve built in the past can be improved upon.  We are attached to our output, not our tools, and so we are always open to iterating on tools and processes, if it would improve the results.  We will also provide candid suggestions to others who ask, and graciously consider suggestions that we receive.  This philosophy allows us to build better things in the future.
  • Non-Conformist:  The seventh of our Cs only barely starting with a "c" provides for the fact that creative solutions sometimes require abandoning preconceptions and past standards.  Our industry changes quickly, and despite this, there are all kinds of baggage that accumulate along the way.  To mitigate this, we will always be open to considering wildly alternative solutions.  To paraphrase Tim Ferriss: “Most people walk down the street on their legs.  Does that mean we I walk down the street on our hands? ...Not usually, no.”  But we also reject the idea that there is a single solution that works for every business, or at every stage of that business’s life, and it’s up to us to spot the difference.


Salary range: $55,000-$75,000/year DOE