Senior Full-Stack Developer

  • Szeged, Hungary
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description


Job Description

The salary range for this role is between gross 1.100.000 - 1.300.000 HUF per month, depending on your technical expertise and experience. 

You can work remotely from anywhere within Hungary. Your future Manager, Szilárd, is working from home entirely since 2014, so you can do the same, but in case you do need some face-to-face quality time with some fellow teammates, we do have offices in Budapest and Szeged, where you are always more than welcome. 


Some projects this team has recently been working on: 

  • We are helping a client to discover how their next-generation mobile phone will break (or not break) if thrown onto a granite slab. 

  • Another one of our clients is actively fighting to eradicate the poliovirus in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We’re helping them track the virus by creating additional features into their dashboards.  

  • We have also helped another client to use their global COVID-19 related dashboards appear politically correctly. Due to some current border disputes, these borders are now appearing differently depending on the country you open the dashboard from (until the dispute gets resolved of course)  

  • Okay, we have less world-changing but still exciting projects as well. We are helping one of our clients (providing CFO services to startups) communicate financial data to their clients in a more live and interactive way (instead of a monthly-once report, building a site with live communication and information sharing)  


What an average day will look like for you: 

  • In the mornings and early afternoons, we mostly work among ourselves. The majority of your time will be spent with coding, either alone or together with close team members in pair-programming. 

  • In the later afternoons (around 3pm – 5 pm), you might get involved in some meetings with clients, where you should be able to explain to them where we are at, brainstorm about potential issues and solutions together with them. Mostly you would be working with our US-based clients.  


We’d like to hear from you if: 

  • You have 5+ years of experience as a Software Developer or Software Engineer, using different type of technologies throughout your career: both Frontend and Backend – such as Angular, React, Python, Go, .NET or Java – not necessarily all, but rather a combination of a few of them (Some of us also love Rust but are still waiting for the chance to use it in production).

  • You get excited if you get to learn a new technology, and you don’t necessarily want to stick to a single one throughout your whole life. Sometimes, when we work on a project for a client, the technology we end up using might differ from what you have experience in. Then, you get to learn and discover it, and at the end of the project, you may say goodbye to it (or you may not). You will be very happy here if you’re a type of person who sees this as an exciting opportunity to widen your knowledge.   

  • You want to understand the context and the background of what you do. We don’t ever just “code HTML for food”, and we expect the same from you. 

  • You enjoy being involved in the early stages such as architecture planning, design decisions, setting up CI or figuring out the best Jira workflow (actually the simpler the better), but at the same time, being responsible for not only coding but the quality of your work as well (we don’t have any QA Engineers in the whole company). 

  • You hate people who end the conversation with “Well, it worked on my computer”. 



In-office benefits:  

  • Lots and lots of fruit  
  • Free massage in the office (20-minute sessions) 

Other benefits: 

  • Interactive internal professional trainings, taught in-person by one of our experts  
  • Online English classes with a native English speaker teacher in small teams 
  • Online yoga once a week 
  • Unlimited Life1 gym pass (for every Life1 gym in Budapest) or All-Inclusive Gym and Pool Pass in Szeged 
  • Hiking community who goes on hiking trips every Saturday 
  • Wellbeing presentations about topics such as healthy eating or how to maintain work-life balance 
  • Online board gaming nights 


You might also want to know: 

  • Start Date: The sooner the better, but if you currently work somewhere and have a notice period, it is still fine, we will wait for the right person! 

  • Selection Process 

    1. Short conversation with HR . We will briefly talk about your motivation and experience and we switch to English for a few questions and ask about your notice period.  

    2. Video chat with your future teammates. They will tell you more about the project, and you can get to know the colleagues you will work the closest with, and also your Delivery Lead. This stage includes some pair-programming and/or technical questions as well. (But we promise we will never ask you the Big O of Bubble Sort or what is the fastest way to determine if a number is even.) 


If you like what you have read, submit your application now! 

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