Primary Teacher (Sep 2021)

  • Taipo, Kowloon or Diamond Hill Campus, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Full-time

Company Description

St. Hilary’s School (St. Hilary's) aims at creating a learning environment that the students are able to cherish and enjoy learning and want to perform to the best of their abilities and talents. It has a comprehensive and cohesive system of education which develops students into persons who are confident, innovative, resourceful and brave in facing their responsibility in society and the challenges in future.

Job Description


  • Due to the school expansion in 2021/2022, we would like to hire teachers to teach Chinese, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Integrated Science & Computer Literacy, Music, Sports and Art. All subjects, with the exception of Chinese and Social Studies, which are conducted in Putonghua, are conducted in English.
  • For those who are interested, please go to our school website ( to fill in the electronic application form and upload your resume and recent photos.
  • Please take a 3-minute video to introduce yourself in English or Putonghua (depending on your subjects) and why you are interested in joining St. Hilary's. Upload and add the URL to your resume. The application with no videos will not be processed.
  • We do not accept fax, email and postal applications. The school will contact the applicants by email regarding the interview arrangements.





  • Bachelor degree in Education or Bachelor degree in the relevant subject areas with PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma of Education), or equivalent qualification from an accredited university.

Skill & Personality

  • Commitment to working with students with genuine love. Passionate in nurturing students with patience, care, understanding and empathy.  Have a positive outlook and a warm and an optimistic personality.
  • Able to master new media tools/platforms and communication techniques.
  • Eager to keep abreast of  education development and trends. Motivated to improve professionally and keep up with changes in educational aspects through reading materials found in technical and professional publications.
  • Have a strong understanding of individual learning styles.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build a trust relationship with students and parents.
  • Ability to manage confrontation and challenging behavior.  
  • Able to stay calm in difficult situations.
  • Strong knowledge of the current subject content and pedagogy.  
  • High level of personal accountability.



Additional Information

Teacherpreneur is highly preferred.
The teacherpreneur merges the image of the innovative classroom teacher with the risk-taking and entrepreneurial leadership that we commonly associate with those who create their own place in the professional world.

Teacherpreneurs are, first and foremost, imaginative teachers. They have created a classroom culture of creativity and reflection. They think beyond the classroom in terms of how to make lessons meaningful, and in so doing, might see a need elsewhere in school that their innovation can address.

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