Sports Technology Daily Journalist Internship

Company Description

At SportTechie, we’ve channeled our “inner geek” and combined it with our ridiculously strong passion for sports to create a news source that covers the intersection of sports and technology. Here you can read about the latest technological innovations, ideas, and products that impact the fan experience, player performance, and sports industry. You will never find player news or scores on SportTechie. Instead, we cover cutting-edge developments with in-depth analysis and exclusive interviews to excite fans and athletes alike. At SportTechie, we take pride in exploring the latest innovations in global sports technology and discussing what they mean for the games we all love so much.

Job Description

You will essentially become a beat writer and cover breaking stories where technology is impacting sports. Here's what that will entail:

  • Directly work with SportTechie Founder to cover the day's top sports tech stories
  • Articles will be quick hitting topics that will be no more than 700 words
  • Article assignments will come from a SportTechie Editor each morning or night and should take no more than 3 hours to complete and submit
  • The Sports Tech Reporter needs to be able to produce a new article within 2-5 hours of receiving an assignment each morning
  • Must be someone who has a flexible schedule and willing to quickly communicate every day via email
  • Must be knowledgeable with the sports industry
  • This is an unpaid role at this time but we will be happy to work with any students who may be looking to gain internship credit or who are interested in working towards an equity role in SportTechie. We also write letters of recommendation and promote your work to our 12,000 twitter followers regularly.


You are qualified for this position if you are a person that:
  • Wants to learn the sports industry from a unique and valuable perspective
  • Has strong writing, grammar and proofreading skills
  • Pays strict attention to detail when writing and take pride in typo-free work
  • Is a regular reader of online news and editorial content
  • Has 4-8 hours per week to devote to covering the sports tech space
  • Has the ability to write on a daily basis and synthesize sports technology news

Additional Information

Benefits of becoming a Sports Tech Daily Reporter for SportTechie

  • Gain sports writing and research experience to enhance your portfolio and resume
  • Get to know a sports media startup where you can grow far beyond writing
  • Get an inside look at the latest technological innovations in the sports world
  • Flexible work schedule fit for a student
  • Position yourself as a thought leader within a sports industry niche
  • Learn from and work closely with SportTechie Founders who know the space and work hard to make sure you cover stories you are interested in
  • Attend industry events. Last year our writers attended CES, SXSW and Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and many more events nationwide!