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  • 117 Sheriff Street Upper, North Dock, Dublin, Ireland
  • Full-time

Company Description

At Social Talent, we're changing the way companies big and small around the world think about talent, think about hiring, think about sourcing and writing job ads! If you're not offended yet, in fact if you are in some way intrigued, then read on my friend, we like you already!

Job Description

At the moment we don't have many open jobs, but that's only temporary! We've grown massively in the past 7 months - we went from 23 employees to 54 - and we now need some time to ramp everyone up.

Here is what we regularly hire for:

Inside Sales people (New Business) -- the minimum we need is for you to have 12 months experience in either B2B inside sales or recruitment. It's not for the sake of having a minimum level of experience, it's to ensure that your experience with us is a positive one (we're small, we don't have a training team to handhold you while you learn the basics of inside sales).

Client Services people -- we're a bit more flexible here in terms of work experience, but you still need to demonstrate how you've helped people in previous jobs. Being good with technical stuff would help too! 

Marketing -- Digital Marketing to be precise. The Marketing team has grown from 0 to Hero in the past 6 months, and we now have an amazing team of 6 people (Events, Content, Inbound and Analytics).


You now have 2 options:

1°) Wait for more roles to open.

2°) Send us your CV now so we have it once a suitable job opens.

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--> Don't forget to tell us in the Cover Letter field what sort of job you're interested in (we didn't take the extended warranty on the office's crystal ball, and obviously it has reached it's planned obsolescence).

Additional Information

Keep an eye out for open jobs on our career page and on our dedicated Twitter account --> @soctalentjobs

You can also follow our adventures on Instagram --> socialtalent and on Youtube --> (yeah, I know, it would be nice if that was a hyperlink, but I can only hyperlink 1 video per job post, which is the one that's embed below!)

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