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Company Description

Smith Staffing Services is a leader in temporary, contract and permanent recruitment services.

We are located in Largo, MD and we deliver a wide range of flexible staffing to our clients in the state of Maryland. 

Job Description

We are looking for a canidate for a Nurse Home administrator to work a Long term Contract:

Contractor Shall

¯ Provide oversight of the operation to the Hospital Center.  
compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. This may include, bnt
not limited to, establishing aad implementing policies and procednres, and mammls.
¯ Oversee Ihe delivery of high quality of care and services to nursing home resideats to meet their
medical, spiritual and social needs.
¯ Maintain Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) license.
¯ Ensure DHHS complies with COMAR Title 10, [I[PPA, Center fbr Medicare and Medicaid
services, Office of Health Care Qnality and JCAHO regulations and standards.
¯ Provide, implement and enforce Residents Bill of Rights; Coordinate and track iavestigations of
variances and apply corrective action.
¯ Participate on teams fbr Utilization Review, Qaality Assurance and Peer Review procedures.
¯ Provide training to DHHS MT program including np to 5 DHHS staff:
¯ Act as the liaison between DHHS aad Office of Health Care Quality or Arae Ombndsman.
¯ Perform aad facilitate additional cliaical, consultative, and/or mandated services as needed.
¯ Utilize compnter applications as deemed necessary in the data collection aad retrieval of patient
alaaagealeat aad records. Maintain accnracy of these records.


Nurse Home Administrator license to practice in the state of Maryland.

Minimum of 1-2 years of experience in a skilled nursing home facility.

Additional Information

 Criminal background checks (highest levels) shall be conducted, which includes fingerprinting and a driving record check, and shall be repeated on an annual basis.