Legal Counsel 法律顾问

  • Beijing, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

Smaato’s Digital Advertising Technology Platform gives publishers the controls to deliver seamless, tailored, and engaging experiences for their audiences and advertisers. Advanced targeting capabilities and competitive intelligence help publishers optimize their monetization strategy to create data-driven experiences and reach their full revenue potential. Founded in 2005, Smaato is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with additional offices in Hamburg, New York, Shanghai, and Singapore. Learn more at


Job Description

Smaato is seeking a Legal Counsel to assist and support the team on our legal operations including advice and implementations on a broad range of legal and compliance matters.

Your internal customers range across different departments and hierarchy levels which provides you with the unique opportunity to not only work closely with different business perspectives but also people from across the world! 

What You’ll Do

  • Draft, review, and negotiate data processing agreements and commercial contracts and provide privacy subject-matter expertise and guidance to the legal team and cross functional departments 
  • Experience with advertising or internet technology space overseeing negotiating, drafting, and advising on a variety of AdTech agreements and transactions, including key agreements relating to customers, partnership arrangements, suppliers, and vendors
  • Monitor and administer the company’s compliance with regulatory requirements and global data protection and privacy laws including China’s Cybersecurity Law, the EU GDPR, Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, and other local regulations governing the use of personal data; updating data processing, privacy notices, and cookie policies
  • Monitor compliance with local laws and regulations, including without limitation CBRC, SAFE, and PBOC rules and guidelines
  • Assist in the preparation and review of regulatory filings
  • Keep abreast of legal developments and changes in laws and regulations related to the company's business, advise of the impact on the institution of such changes and ensure contract provisions are compliant with relevant laws
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including finance, accounting, human resources, sales, marketing, product, and engineering to manage corporate transactions and initiatives and to mitigate legal risk
  • Support Smaato’s Legal team on other legal projects as may be required





  • 起草、审查和谈判数据处理协议和商业合同,为法律团队和跨职能部门提供隐私主题方面的专业知识和指导
  • 具有广告或互联网技术领域的经验,监督各种广告技术协议和交易的谈判、起草和建议,包括与客户、合作伙伴、供应商和外包公司有关的重要协议及文书
  • 监督和管理公司遵守监管要求和全球数据保护和隐私法,包括中国网络安全法、欧盟GDPR、新加坡个人数据保护法和其他管理个人数据使用的地方法规;更新数据处理、隐私声明和cookie政策
  • 监督当地法律法规的遵守情况,包括但不限于银监会、外管局和中国人民银行的规章制度
  • 协助准备和审核监管文件
  • 及时了解与公司业务相关的法律法规的发展和变化,告知这些变化对公司的影响,确保合同条款符合相关法律
  • 与跨职能团队合作,包括财务、会计、人力资源、销售、市场营销、产品和技术,以管理公司交易和计划,并降低法律风险
  • 根据需要支持Smaato的法务团队进行其他法务项目


  • 4 - 6 years of relevant legal experience at a top-tier law firm or international in-house legal department; in-house experience at a digital advertising, data or media company is strongly preferred
  • Law degree from an accredited law school with strong academic credentials, and qualified to practice law in China (法律资格证书)
  • Experienced within the Internet industry required, experience in Advertising technology and data and consumer privacy regulations (including the EU GDPR and CCPA) would be a plus
  • Legal experience for successful operations, including administration, employment, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, data privacy. Other pluses would be experience in banking, tax, litigation, capital raising and other areas
  • Demonstrated ability to work cross-functionally with multiple international business functions, including a broad and deep professional knowledge in an international context (incl. EMEA and AMERICAS)
  • Highly organized, with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects, deadlines, and changing priorities in a fast-paced and challenging work environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to tailor communication as appropriate to different audiences and contexts and convey complex legal issues clearly and concisely
  • High degree of professional ethics and integrity
  • Full business proficiency in English is a prerequisite



  • 在顶级律师事务所或国际公司内部法务部门有4-6年相关法律工作经验;有数字广告、数据或媒体公司工作经验优先
  • 从大众认可的法学院获得法律相关学位,具有良好的学术背景,并有中国法律资格证书
  • 有互联网行业经验者优先,有广告技术、数据和消费者隐私法规(包括欧盟GDPR和CCPA)经验者优先
  • 有法务相关的运营经验,包括管理、雇佣、合同谈判、法规遵从性、知识产权、数据隐私。如有在银行、税务、诉讼、融资和其他领域的经验优先
  • 具有跨职能工作的能力,能够与多个国际业务部门合作,在国际环境(包括欧洲、中东和非洲和美洲)中具有广泛而深入的专业知识
  • 有条理,能够在快节奏和富有挑战性的工作环境中同时管理多个项目、合理安排优先级和交付期限,并根据具体情况灵活变通
  • 优秀的书面和口头沟通能力,能够根据不同的受众和背景进行适当的沟通,清晰简洁地传达复杂的法律问题
  • 高度的职业道德,诚实正直
  • 熟练掌握英语是先决条件
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