Engineer, Ad Operations – China / 广告运维工程师 – 中国

  • Shanghai, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

Smaato China is a Wholly Foreign-Owned Entity of Smaato Pte. Ltd., which is called Yu Guang Information Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Smaato is the leading global real-time mobile advertising platform, connecting 10,000+ advertisers – including 91 of the Top 100 Ad Age brands – with over 90,000 app developers and mobile web publishers. Smaato manages up to 10 billion mobile ad impressions daily and reaches over 1 billion unique mobile users monthly. Founded in 2005 by mobile pioneers Ragnar Kruse and Petra Vorsteher, Smaato has global headquarters in San Francisco, California, with additional regional headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and Singapore.

Smaato中国是Smaato Pte. Ltd.的外商独资企业,公司名为誉广信息科技(上海)有限公司。

Smaato 是面向移动发行商和应用开发商的全球实时广告平台。自 2005 年开始一直从事创新、移动优先型解决方案的开拓工作。Smaato 欧洲办事处位于德国汉堡,亚太地区办事处位于新加坡。

Job Description

We are looking for an independent individual to work in our Operations - China team. The Engineer, Ad Operations is the primary specialist in managing and ensuring a brand-safe, fraud-free and high quality mobile marketplace. This involves in ensuring the excellence of our mobile display traffic while maintaining the highest levels of ad quality. You will contribute to the development, execution, and maintenance of test procedures that analyse the Smaato traffic.

Good Ad Operations Engineers are able to identify and block advertising that does not meet the quality standards and legalisation requirements. In addition, maintains documentation of test results, analyzes test results and recommends corrective actions.

The Ad Operations Engineer will report to the Market Quality Engineer Lead. This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in joining a young and dynamic team in a start-up environment with immense growth potential of mobile marketing.





  • Serve as subject matter specialist in setting and reviewing on ad quality
  • Conduct data-driven analysis to identify and resolve issues
  • Tests and quality assurance for digital ads and traffic
  • Improve processes and tools for screening ads
  • Work on prevention of undesirable traffic detection
  • Work and ensure Smaato’s guidelines for Publishers on acceptable traffic and placements
  • Enforce Smaato’s guidelines for creative and type of display ads for Demand Partners
  • Decision on ensuring traffic quality and ad quality across Smaato’s exchange
  • Identify and process ads screenings and explore irregularities found through monitoring system and tools.
  • Monitor our monitoring system and tools from the functional side and monitor fraud levels and other KPIs
  • Communicate issues to key partnerships & stakeholders on findings & investigations
  • Effectively communicate and document identified cases & issues
  • Provide support and collaborate with other team members across all regions


  • 作为技术专家来监测和审查广告的质量
  • 运用数据分析来确定和解决广告质量或流量质量方面的问题
  • 提高或改进广告审查的流程和工具
  • 按照Smaato针对开发者的指南,确保流量和广告展示在可接受的范围之内
  • 贯彻执行Smaato针对需求方伙伴的广告素材和类型的指南
  • 通过运用广告质量的监测工具对广告质量进行评估和审查
  • 使用内部和第三方的工具来监控流量质量和相关的流量参数
  • 及时有效地与合作伙伴就发现的问题及调查进行沟通
  • 及时有效地汇报和整理广告和流量质量方面的案例和问题
  • 为其他地区的团队成员提供支持和协作



  • Bachelor in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience
  • With 3 years working experiences
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • With experience supporting and servicing clients using advertising products and technology
  • Having prior understanding of ad-tech ecosystem with granular understanding of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Supply-Side Platform (SSP), Demand-Side Platform (DSP), ad exchanges, networks business can be an advantage
  • Knowledge of HTML5, Javascript and SQL is a plus.


  • 计算机科学本科或相关技术领域同等工作经验
  • 具有3年工作经验
  • 精通MS Office
  • 拥有在移动广告领域客户服务和技术支持的经验
  • 了解广告技术生态系统者优先考虑,如实时竞价(RTB)和供应方平台(SSP)、需求方平台(DSP)、广告交易平台、网盟业务
  • 对熟悉HTML5JavascriptSQL的应聘者会优先考虑

Additional Information


  • Excellent Chinese and English interpersonal communication skills, both in spoken and written
  • Ability to plan macro and work micro
  • Self-motivated individual
  • Team player with ability to work independently
  • Persistency as well as creativity
  • Get to the bottom of complicated, inconsistent technical issues
  • Analytical & Project Management skills & mindset


  • 良好的中英文沟通和读写能力
  • 善于统筹规划,做事认真细致
  • 积极主动
  • 既享受团队协作,亦能够独立工作
  • 坚持不懈,富有创造力
  • 乐于对复杂、多变的技术问题推本溯源
  • 善于分析,拥有项目管理的技能和思维方式


  • Competitive salary and incentive program
  • Comprehensive health care
  • Training programs and career development opportunities
  • Flat hierarchies and short decision paths
  • Regular team activities and events
  • A unique and diverse company culture, shaped by people with commitment, sense of responsibility, risk-taking and discipline
  • Position is based in Shanghai and candidate required a valid pass to work in Shanghai. Office location: Zhongshan park area.


  • 优厚的薪酬与奖金计划
  • 全面的医疗保障
  • 完善的培训计划和良好的职业发展机会
  • 快速决策的扁平化管理
  • 定期的团队建设活动
  • 独特而多元的企业文化,我们有着专注执行、富有责任感、勇于冒险、又有纪律性的团队
  • 该职位的工作地点位于中国上海,应聘者需具备在上海合法工作的资格。办公地点:中山公园商圈

If you have what we are looking for and enjoy working in a fast-paced technology based environment, we are interested in hearing from you. We regret only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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