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Company Description

SKYNET SECURE is a company founded by Sachin Dedhia. One of its main objective is to promote cyber crime & internet security awareness across all sections of the society. We provide assistance & also help in solving all kinds of cyber crime related cases.

We offer each & every kind of IT SOLUTIONS as required by the company/individual ranging from hardware needs (setting up a single pc to entire LAN networking) to software solutions, designing websites, multimedia animations, SEO , IT AUDITS, i.e. giving complete IT SOLUTIONS as per the requirements of the clients.

Our company has a team of experts who are masters with respect to their domains.

Apart from offering services we also give training with respect to CYBER CRIME INVESTIGATIONS, ETHICAL HACKING & IT SECURITY, MOBILE FORENSICS etc .. our training programs & courses are certified by the govt of Maharashtra. Our training program gives a solid piratical foundation to all those people who want to make a career in IT. We also conduct workshops & seminars across schools, colleges , societies , govt companies with respect to cyber crime & ethical hacking

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Job Description

Digital Marketing Internship  Position



A person having knowledge of Google SEO, Google Analytics, 

Should have some knowledge of HTML, PHP Scriptiing,

  1. Social media marketing (increasing likes, following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  2. Content writing.
  3. Increasing the popularity of websites

Internship period minimum 3 months.

Additional Information

Would get a certificate .