Aircraft Fueler - Part Time

  • 2805 Airport Drive, Vero Beach, Florida, United States
  • Part-time

Company Description

Skyborne Airline Academy is one of the most respected and trusted global commercial pilot training academies in the industry. Skyborne delivers airline pilots, and have achieved this by radically redefining every aspect of airline pilot training, from a unique educational approach in ground school, to world-class facilities, a modern fleet of aircraft and flight simulators, and an enviable instructional team. Skyborne is fully committed to developing a dynamic, engaging and welcoming environment for the next generation of airline pilots.

Job Description

Aircraft Fuelers are responsible for ensuring that all company aircraft and aviation vehicles are routinely equipped with fuel. This position is responsible for fueling trucks and utilizing up to fifty feet of hose from the truck to the fuel panel. Fueling the plane involves climbing a ladder and lifting up to 60 pounds overhead to the fit the nozzle to the aircraft. In addition to adding fuel to the vehicles, Aircraft Fuelers are responsible for understanding the machinery involved in fueling aircraft, ensuring that everything is mechanically functional and detecting potential problems as early as possible. It is required to have a comprehensive understanding of safety rules while on the ground and using ramps and trucks. Responsibilities Include:

  •           Become a subject matter expert concerning the following manuals: Flight Line Procedures, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures, and Storm Water Manual
  •       Servicing of company aircraft; i.e. fuel, oil, cleaning windows, etc. (NOTE: USE OF GROUND WIRES MANDATORY)                                                    
  •       Responsible for the Security of all the aircraft while on flight line; i.e. tie downs must be secured properly and aircraft window closed, flight controls secured and cabin door locked.  (tie down ropes use the proper knots and be tight)
  •      Operation of company vehicles in accordance with all company guide lines and policies
  •      Receiving Fuel loads for supplier in accordance with procedures manual
  •      Loading fuel into company fuel truck from storage tanks in accordance with procedures manual
  •     Proper use and completion of flight line reports to include :
  •      Daily fuel consumption report         
  •      Hobbs readings report
  •       Fuel farm inspection report
  •       Daily Fuel truck inspection check list
  •      Familiarity with and knowledge of firefighting equipment

Any and all other duties assigned by the Flight Line and Motor Pool Supervisor and Director of Maintenance



  •   High school diploma or equivalent
  •   Must be 18 years or older

EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE: (Preferred Requirements)

  •    Fueling experience preferred


  •    Current and valid Florida driver's license with clean record required.



Additional Information

Part Time position - 7:00am - 2:00pm Monday -Friday. Schedule may change depending on Flight Operations

$11.00 per hour

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