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Company Description

What we do:

There’s someone you know, maybe related to you, maybe a friend, maybe a colleague, maybe yourself, whom you’ve seen at some point struggle and become frustrated with the question of ‘what am I doing with my life – what’s my path?’ This might start early; say in college when one has the opportunity to choose from 1000s of courses but the time and money for only about 30-35. It might start after graduation, being unable to figure out how that degree and those courses equate to the qualification requirements or job descriptions of employers. It might start after a few years of work, realizing the present path is just not the right path but not knowing what else there is or how to find it. 

SkillsEQ ( ) is taking a very ambitious approach to fixing one of society’s most enduring market failures: career path planning and management. There are thousands of companies trying to address parts of this problem, but it’s mostly a case of old wine in new bottles. We believe we have the solution.

We’ve bootstrapped everything to date (we’re in the process of raising a seed) and have an operational 1st stage product in place - now it’s time to aggressively expand that product’s capabilities, break a lot of stuff, learn even more, and start making an impact on people’s lives and well-being.

Why you’d like us:

We are NOT a company looking for data analysts. 

We are NOT a company looking for website traffic analysts. 

We are a company that considers our data our product. 

This is a genuine data science role whose purpose is to develop the models and algorithms necessary to drive our service. This is one of the most important, central roles in our company.

We’ve spent time in corporate environments where the norm was meetings about calls about meetings, political games, and having to go ‘up the ladder’ to get anything done - we commit to never allowing that into our culture. We strive for a productive, fascinating, motivating, honest, open, flexible, smart, empowered, enjoyable work environment. 

One of our primary goals is to create a company recognized as a leader for data science and algorithmic modeling, technical elegance and sophistication. We’d like you to join us and help make that happen.


We want to hear from you if:

· You can collect, process, and cleanse raw data from a variety of sources at scale (including writing scripts, web scraping, calling APIs, writing SQL queries, etc.).

· You can transform unstructured & semi-structured data sets into structured data products suitable for analysis and application.

· You have expertise in developing and implementing predictive analytics algorithms.

· You can build and train machine learning models.

· You can analyze and evaluate performance results from model execution.

· You can work closely with engineers to integrate your innovations and algorithms into our production systems.

· We are transitioning to AWS so familiarity with related services such as EMR is helpful.

· You are experienced with Python and SQL.

· You are accomplished in the use of statistical analysis environments such as R, MATLAB, SPSS or SAS.

· You are experienced with data visualization (ggplot and d3.js, etc) and feel comfortable working with designers and engineers to implement visualizations into product features.

· You have a Master’s Degree or PhD in applied mathematics, bio-statistics, statistics, physics, computer science, or operations research with a deep understanding of statistical and predictive modeling and machine learning.

· Proven work examples of turning significant amounts of data into informative/insightful actions through various statistical techniques that turn into explosive business results

Of course you won’t be a leading expert in every topic listed above, but you will be competent in most with some high points and low points.

Please create a profile and apply via this link:

Resumes will NOT be read or reviewed so please offer as much information as possible (especially about your knowledge, skills, and abilities) since the platform uses that to determine your qualifications as a candidate.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.