IT / Web Design / Data Scientist Internship

  • 72A, Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Intern

Company Description

Great internships are not only the ones that prepare you for the work you hope to do after completing your studies, but they are also the ones that help you realise what work you’re currently best suited for and where you might really fit in the working world. We give our interns work that help push their limits and capabilities whenever and wherever possible to prepare them for a future where new job opportunities may require you to become more skilled and efficient workers, especially with the rise of innovation in both business and IT as well as ever increasing automation in a covid-stricken world.

This internship opportunity focuses on work that contributes towards the development of our mobile-App based platform (SEEKA) which is a huge search engine for educational opportunities from Primary/Grade school to University level as well as language schools and job opportunities. Our mission is to make it easier for anyone to find, filter and apply to different schools or educational institutions that suit them best as well as make the transition from studies to work more seamless.   

We are currently looking to hire and give interns the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge in coding with HTML and Python which can also be self-learned on the job. Bellow are the important details you will need to take note of:

  • Only English is spoken on the job
  • The minimum number of internship months we can accept is 2 months
  • Both International Students and Locals are welcome to apply for this position

Job Description

Your responsibility include

  • Web scrapping using HTML and Python on beautiful soup, Sellenium and Pycharm
  • Storing and checking the integrity of data in excel and csv. files or looking for errors in the cells or scrapping code
  • System testing, reporting issues such as errors and missing data as well as finding solutions for them
  • Additionally: Machine learning & AI development which includes optimizing codes, database structure and using the Recombee platform if possible
  • Additionally: Front-end design if possible


  1. Ideally you should be a current student or recent graduate of Information Technology
  2. Good understanding of the basic concepts behind Java, Python, SQL, HTML, R code and any other programming languages
  3. Ideally have some experience using frameworks such as Bootstrap,  AngularJS, EmberJS,  jQuery and etc in projects
  4. Good command of English skill.
  5. Detailed person, able to execute fast and handle stress.
  6. Communicable person and ask for help if in doubt

Additional Information


  1. Our office is a 15-minute walk away from Asia Jaya LRT Station
  2. You'll have opportunities to grow and develop as a professional
  3. We offer free parking (if available)
  4. Lots of challenges in a fast-paced environment that can test the limits of your skills and knowledge