Full-stack Software Engineer - Remote

  • San José Province, San José, Costa Rica
  • Full-time

Company Description

SalsaMobi recruits only the best experienced Software Engineers to work directly with awesome growing U.S. software companies. Be part of an elite group, where you will not only develop world class software, but be a key part of the thought leadership with the client company. Most of our opportunities offer great benefits, like working from home and potential travel to the U.S.

Job Description

We are looking to add a Senior Engineer to our core engineering team for our enterprise platform-as-a-service. If you’re an experienced, full-stack software engineer who shares our obsession with the security and ownership benefits of blockchain, then we want to hear from you! DApp Engineering is critical to our mission of improving developer velocity, scalability and testability in the blockchain ecosystem. Decentralized Application (dApp) Engineering covers these areas of expertise: 

● Front End UI/UX App Development 

● Framework expertise for rapid application development 

● Backend API / Microservice Development 

Senior Engineer Responsibilities include: 

● Developing web and mobile user experiences for clients

● Developing backend APIs / cloud functions for clients

● Working with enterprise-preferred technologies (e.g. Okta, Kong, Kubernetes, etc.)



● Force multiplier: a team player that makes everyone around her/him better. 

● Polyglot developer: can code in multiple languages and enjoy learning new languages. You choose the right programming language for the problem at hand. 

● Experienced in deploying to cloud infrastructure. 

● B.S. or higher in Computer Science OR equivalent combination of education and relevant experience. 

● 4 years of object-oriented design and implementation experience, including Node.js and Javascript. 


● Experience leveraging the latest decentralized technologies (e.g. Ethereum, IPFS, etc.) 

● Experience building complex software systems, successfully delivered to customers. 

● Knowledge of professional software engineering best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations. 

● CI/CD background with architectural knowledge around how services are constructed. 

● Experience in communicating with users and other technical teams, managing requirements collection, feature definition, and technical designs. 

● Experience developing automated internal frameworks, increasing developer and release velocity, improving code health and building developer tools.

Additional Information

We are focused on shipping impactful open source code early and often to improve the infrastructure and tooling challenges presented in the decentralized app ecosystem. We’re big fans of extreme programming and lean-agile; we use Jira to plan and manage our 2-week sprints. While we will continue to integrate new decentralized technologies into the Transmute Platform as the winners shake out, our current tech stack includes: 

● React Native & Java for Android 

● React, Node.js and JavaScript for middle-tier and frontend 

● Kubernetes for our platform and API teams, spanning AWS, GCP and Azure 

● Solidity and TypeScript for our blockchain framework 

● Ethereum and IPFS for decentralized services 

● Github and Travis CI for CI/CD

open to remote teammates with strong, regular communication.