Mathematics Teacher

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Company Description

St. Mary Dedication British International High School is a renowned educational institution known for its academic excellence and morally upright students. St Mary Dedication British International school challenges students to develop what is finest in themselves and others, for others and themselves. We are committed to nurturing an intentionally diverse, and inclusive community that encourages students and adults to inspire and respect one another. 

At St Mary Dedication British Internation school our guiding principle is Education for Light, Through  Knowledge. Our aim is to provide a richness of opportunity for our student to excel, nurture and explore their talents without limits. That is because education goes beyond exam results, its about the complete development of the child.

Job Description

• A mathematics instructor is a dedicated educator responsible for teaching and fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, theories, and problem-solving skills among students at various educational levels.

• The instructor will play a vital role in shaping students' mathematical thinking, helping them build a strong foundation in mathematics, and preparing them for real-world applications of mathematical principles.

• A mathematics instructor plays a pivotal role in nurturing students' mathematical abilities, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving capabilities, preparing them for success in academia and beyond.



• Curriculum Development: Designing and developing comprehensive mathematics curriculum, lesson plans, and teaching materials that align with educational standards and the needs of the students. Ensuring the curriculum covers a range of topics from basic arithmetic to advanced mathematical concepts.

• Classroom Instruction Delivering engaging and interactive lectures that explain mathematical concepts clearly and concisely. Using various teaching methods, technology tools, and real-life examples to enhance students' understanding and engagement.

• Problem Solving: Guiding students through complex mathematical problems, encouraging them to think critically, analyze data, and apply mathematical theories to real-world scenarios.

• Assessment and Grading: Creating and administering quizzes, tests, assignments, and projects to assess students' understanding of mathematical concepts. Providing timely feedback and assigning grades based on their performance.

• One-on-One Support: Offering individualized assistance to students who need extra help or guidance in understanding specific mathematical concepts. Providing support during office hours or through online communication platforms.

• Math Labs: Organizing and overseeing hands-on math activities and laboratory sessions, where students can explore mathematical principles through practical applications.

• Technology Integration: Incorporating educational technology tools and software to enhance the learning experience, promote interactive learning, and help students visualize complex mathematical concepts.

• Professional Development: Staying updated with the latest developments in the field of mathematics and education. Participating in workshops, conferences, and seminars to improve teaching techniques and stay current with new teaching methodologies.

• Collaboration: Collaborating with fellow educators to share ideas, best practices, and teaching strategies that enhance the overall quality of the mathematics program.

• Classroom Management: Maintaining a positive and inclusive classroom environment that encourages student participation, respects diversity, and fosters a love for mathematics.

• Extra-Curricular Activities: Participating in mathematics-related clubs, competitions, and events to promote students' enthusiasm for mathematics beyond the classroom.


• Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Mathematics or a related field.

• Strong knowledge of various mathematical disciplines, including algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, and discrete mathematics.

• Excellent communication and presentation skills.

• Passion for teaching and inspiring students to develop their mathematical skills.

• Patience and the ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. • Proficiency in using educational technology tools and software for teaching.

• Previous teaching experience, especially at the secondary or post-secondary level, is a plus

Must be based in Benin City, Edo State

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Additional Benefits Available:

  • Competitive salary
  • Pension plan