Request for Expression of Interest: Roster for Agriculture Sector Consultancy service providers

  • Part-time
  • Contract type: Consultancy

Company Description

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is a Dutch, development organisation with operations in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  We make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty, helping them raise incomes and access basic services. Driven by the Sustainable Development Goals, we are dedicated to a society in which all people are free to pursue their own sustainable development, and no one is left behind. This commitment to equity directs us to focus on gender and youth. 

We apply our know-how to realise effective solutions and deliver results at scale worldwide. We do this through our local presence and our specialised expertise in agriculture, energy, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Our projects directly benefit millions of people. At the same time, our projects drive systems change, which helps many more people work their way out of poverty, well beyond the scope of the projects themselves. We are proud to be a not-for-profit organisation, implementing our mission exclusively through project financing. This requires us to work efficiently and to invest in operational excellence every day. 

For more information on SNV, visit our website: 

As agriculture is primarily driven by the private sector, SNV uses market-based approaches. We contribute to systems change by kick-starting and strengthening agricultural markets in selected commodities. We deploy our tested tools and approaches – such as using a food systems lens to identify key bottlenecks, developing inclusive business models, working with public-private partnerships and launching innovative finance – to address the root causes of why markets fail to meet the needs of people living in poverty. 

This approach helps farmers to grow more food sustainably, while creating jobs at different stages of value chains and putting women and youth at the centre of development. SNV also strengthens the climate resilience of farms and markets. We help farmers and agri-businesses to expand their businesses by working with financial institutions to make financing available on reasonable terms and by working with farmers and agri-businesses to develop sound business cases. 

Our agriculture projects will contribute to achieving the SDGs through inclusive value chains, sustainable nutrition for all, and climate and business. We use our balancing benefits approach to close the gender gap. This approach addresses the root causes of unequal development, such as inequitable norms, and unequal access to resources and market opportunities. 

Job Description


The objective of this REOI is to establish a roster of pre-qualified technical experts to supplement internal resources within our Agriculture sector. SNV may enter into a contract for consultancy services on an as and when required basis with the technical experts on the roster. 


SNV requires technical experts in the following areas 

LOT No.  Specialist area 

  1. Dairy 
  2. Nutrition 
  3. Horticulture 
  4. Food Systems 
  5. Inclusive finance 
  6. Digital Innovation 
  7. Livestock & Pastoralism 
  8. Climate smart agriculture  
  9. Natural resource management 
  10. Agriculture and inclusive value chains 
  11. Agribusiness and market development 
  12. Monitoring, Evaluation, Verification and Learning 
  13. Governance, accountability and leadership –focus on Associations/ CSOs/ Cooperatives/ Producer or Processor Groups  
  14. Gender equity and social inclusion (including mainstreaming, assessments, value chain analysis and studies expertise) 
  15. Youth employment and entrepreneurship (including social, financial and business skills development, curriculum development, technical skills development, entrepreneurship development including mentoring and coaching, private sector engagement, community development, etc).


For each of the specialist areas above, the following minimum qualification and skills are required  

  • Master’s degree (or above) in Agriculture or related field 
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in the Specialist Area(s) being responded to (see list above).
  • For lot 14 GESI: while a master’s degree and 10 years’ experience are desirable, they are not requirements. Candidates will be evaluated based on academic and training credentials, skills, and experience.
  • Excellent oral and written languages skills in English and/or French. Spanish, French and Portuguese are an additional asset 
  • Strong technical, research and analytical skills  
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills  
  • Collaborative working style and ability to work with diverse audiences 

Additional Information


In addition to the Office in the Netherlands, SNV is present in over 20 countries across Central, East and West Africa, Asia and Latin America. Find out more information about where we operate here.   

The technical expert may be engaged in a contract to provide services to any of the SNV locations.    

It is anticipated that the technical expert would be able to provide services remotely, however, where travel is required, SNV will discuss and agree the terms with the technical expert prior to a contract being finalised. 


All questions related to this REOI should be addressed to Nathalie Schouten [email protected].   


Qualified and interested individuals and/or firms should express their interest through Smart Recruiters by clicking the "I am interested" button, completing the screening questions and submitting the following documents:  

  1. Resume;

  2. Cover letter with the following information:  
  • Which technical expert position would be interested in (LOT Number and name) 
  • A short description of your experience in the related field within similar organisations. 

The documents submitted should all be named as follows:

Cover letter: Lotnumber_CL_FirstletterfirstnameLastname 

For example Lot5_CL_NSchouten 

Resume: Lotnumber_Resume_ FirstletterfirstnameLastname 

For example Lot5_Resume_NSchouten 

Submissions shall be received no later than 15 February 2022. 

For firms, please submit the CVs of your proposed technical experts. Please note that you would be required to provide the agreed consultant at the time of a contract. 

Only applicants who meet the minimum requirements would be considered further.  


All information will be treated with strict confidentiality.  We will revert to you as soon as we have reviewed and evaluated your application.  However only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. 

We thank you for your interest and look forward to receiving your submission.  We may contact prospective suppliers for additional information. 

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