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Company Description

SNV Netherlands Development Organization

SNV is an international not-for-profit development organisation, working in more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. SNV specializes in supporting the resourcefulness of development actors by developing local capacities, improving performance and services, strengthening governance systems, helping to create access for excluded groups and by making markets work for the poor. Our global team of advisors use their specialist sector expertise in Agriculture, Renewable Energy and WASH to facilitate sustainable change in the livelihoods of millions of people living in poverty.

The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD)

The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) provides finance and Technical Assistance (TA) to mobilize and scale external private sector funding for climate smart development. The DFCD’s Origination Facility (OF) managed by SNV and WWF identifies investment opportunities that support climate change adaptation, mitigation as well as key sustainable development co-benefits. The OF supports the further elaboration of projects with private sector partners through the provision of TA for project design, feasibility assessments, piloting and other activities.

The OF has identified an opportunity to develop and scale Orlar’s hi-tech/minimal input vertical farming as a climate smart solution for the sustainable intensification of agricultural production in Viet Nam’s Central Highlands, part of the DFCD’s Greater Annamites priority landscape.

Orlar and the DFCD

Orlar, founded in 2014 in Australia and began their operations in Viet Nam in 2017,  is seeking to change the paradigm of inefficient use of land and other resources for food production. They are introducing a model of vertical farming which can increase intensity, reduce the food production land footprint, while at the same time reducing emissions to feed a growing population. They provide a model of sustainable intensification which reduces environmental and climate impacts, while also supporting rural economies and sustainable development. This transformation in agriculture is critical for the world to meet its climate targets.

Project Sites

The project sites are located in two districts in Lam Dong province – the Southernmost province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, and part of the Greater Annamites DFCD priority landscape and recognised WWF Ecoregion. Orlar proposes a phased expansion of their business model during the OF develop stage. With SNV TA support, Orlar plans a small expansion at the existing site in Da Sar, Lac Duong District (just outside the key hi-tech agriculture hub-city of Da Lat and within the buffer zone of the Langbiang UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve) and establishment of operations at nearby Di Linh District (also in Lam Dong province).

Job Description

SNV is open for EOIs to support Orlar to assess the full range of possibilities along their supply chain, including forwards (packaging/processing) and backwards (production) linkages to and back from their main buyers/clients with a view towards achieving both economic and environmental efficiencies (e.g. reducing packaging, recycling organic waste back on the farms) as well as generating new and inclusive business opportunities (e.g. the use of ‘imperfect’ strawberries to make jams, other potential packaging/processing or other business elements). The developed Inclusive supply chain and food safety system component will fit well to Orlar’s best-in-class ESG practices along the supply chain.

The following tasks are to be performed under the guidance and supervision of SNV and Orlar and in in consultations with relevant stakeholders. SNV’s Central Highlands team (based in Da Lat) will support fieldwork implementation.

1.   Inclusive and sustainable value chain assessment

i)        Analysis of Orlar business model, approaches, production protocols, supply chains’ segments.

ii)       Conduct necessary surveys, field data collection on the assessment of the value chain

iii)     Work closely with SNV staff and food safety consultants on related activities

iv)     Provide recommendations for an Inclusive Sustainable Supply Chain Management Plan for Orlar’s to maximize the company profit.

2.  Improvement of food safety and QMS system

i)        On-site assessment of current food safety and quality management system “QMS” of Orlar’ s organic vegetable supply chain from farm to selling points

ii)       Consult  the Farm  management on suitable Food Safety  and QMS schemes.

iii)     Prepare an action plan to close the gap, specify tasks, persons in charge and timelines

iv)     Carry out  on-site trainings on  principles and implementation of the selected QMS scheme

v)       Consult the operation team on implementing the Improvement Plan.

vi)     Perform an internal  audit and prepare an improvement  action plan in compliant with the target international standard for official Audit  (if any)

vii)   Toward international standards USDA organic standard NOP (accept organic for greenhouses/substrates


For more details on the Expression of Interest process, submission requirements, and evaluation details, please see corresponding sections below:

Interested organisations/ consultants should submit the following information:

Submission Requirements

1.       The applicant’s experience in agriculture/environmental science, Food Safety/ Food technology, development and implementation of international Good Agricultural  Practices, QMS and Food  safety  standards; experience with organic production systems, high-tech  farming operations or relevant experience.

2.       Additional information on the applicant’s professional qualifications and CVs

3.       Business registration certificate of the company

Deadline for EOI Submissions

EOIs are due 17:00 on June 21, 2020

Additional Information

Selection Process

SNV Vietnam will review all Expressions of Interest received in accordance with the guidelines and criteria in this solicitation. SNV Vietnam reserves the right to exclude any EOIs that do not meet the guidelines. Please note that SNV is unable to provide detailed feedback to those EOIs that are not selected.

Step 1: SNV Vietnam will shortlist selected EOIs, and unsuccessful respondents will be notified. Successful applicants will be contacted by SNV Vietnam.

Step 2: SNV Vietnam will release Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the specific activities and contract with the selected organization/ consultant.

Protection of Information

We request that Expressions of Interest responses be free of any intellectual property that the applicant wishes to protect. Should offerors wish to include proprietary intellectual property that they believe would be helpful for SNV Vietnam, please note the proprietary nature of such information. Costing information will be kept confidential and will not be shared beyond SNV Vietnam.

Issuance of this EOI does not constitute a commitment, award, or engagement on the part of SNV Vietnam nor does it commit SNV Vietnam to any future commitment or engagement.

 Note: SNV Vietnam reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement in the EOI/or solicitation process at any time.

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