Inclusive Governance and Behaviour Change Advisor

  • Full-time
  • Contract type: National employment contract

Company Description

SNV is a not-for-profit international development organisation with long-term, local presence in over 25 of the poorest countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our team works with local partners to equip communities and businesses with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services. SNV works across three sectors: Agriculture, Renewable Energy and WASH.  

SNV is currently implementing an Urban Sanitation and Hygiene programme focused on four cities. The programme is currently in its’ third year of a five-year programme (2017-2022). To support the work on this programme, we are looking for a Governance and Behaviour Change Advisor to be the technical lead in relation to governance related interventions (e.g.: sanitation legislation and enforcement, planning and monitoring,  citizens engagement etc.) and behaviour change communications activities (e.g. implementation of the BCC strategy, consumer studies etc., coordinating WASH campaigns).

Programme Summary

Urban Sanitation and Hygiene for Health and Development is a multi-country programme that works with municipal governments to develop inclusive, safe and sustainable city-wide sanitation services. SNV Nepal is seeking an experienced professional to be part of the SNV Nepal team.

The programme integrates insights in WASH governance, investment and finance, behavioural change communication, business models and management of sanitation services. It will engage private sector, civil society organizations, users and local authorities to improve public health and development opportunities in the target cities.

The key components of the programme are:

·          COMPONENT 1: BCC and awareness for safe urban sanitation and hygiene

·          COMPONENT 2: Safe and affordable (consumer) services

·          COMPONENT 3: WASH Governance

·          COMPONENT 4: Smart finance and investment

·          COMPONENT 5: Safe treatment, disposal and re-use

The programme began with an inception period up to the end of June 2018, which consisted in a series of assessments (including a baseline study on WASH at household, school and health facility level, a Gender & Social Inclusion assessment, a Climate Vulnerability & Resilience study) which helped shape and guide the current implementation period which will run until September 2022.

Job Description

Governance and Behaviour Change Advisor – Lead and manage the activities associated with the following objectives:

a)   WASH GOVERNANCE: City-wide service delivery framework and enabling conditions developed and adopted by local authorities

Key considerations and focus areas relating to governance issues this position will be working on include (among others): improving sanitation/hygiene information (particularly related to On-Site Sanitation and Faecal Sludge Management) within policies, laws, frameworks and standards at both national and city level; supporting increased effectiveness of enforcement mechanisms to monitor and ensure compliance with sanitation policies and legislation; advocating for and securing buy-in from key leadership for urban sanitation improvements; contributing to the integration of sanitation ambitions, targets and related budget allocation in mainstream public administration planning processes; supporting improved data management and monitoring (in relation to sanitation and hygiene) and its use in informing/selecting interventions; assisting with approaches and strategies that ensure services reach the poorest communities.

Current ongoing activities the candidate will be working on include: following-up and supporting the implementation of the recommendations from the urban sanitation legal scan study (e.g.: legislation improvements, licensing of emptying services etc.); developing capacity of local government on smart enforcement measures for compliance with sanitation laws and standards; strengthening sanitation information systems (e.g.: digitalised data collection/management, sanitation mapping etc.); fostering a sustainable sanitation multi-stakeholder platform; contributing to the prioritisation of sanitation within planning and budgeting; supporting measures to ensure citizen engagement in sanitation decisions.

b)   BCC & AWARENESS: Strengthening capacities (within local government authorities) and institutional embedding of effective Behaviour Change Communications (BCC) focused on urban sanitation and hygiene issues

Key considerations and focus areas relating to behaviour change this position will be working on include (among others): building capacities of local government authorities (city council and utilities) and private sector (emptying service providers), for effective communication and outreach; increasing consumer demand and willingness to pay for safely managed services; promoting specific individual hygiene behaviours (Safe emptying, Safe disposal of solid waste, handwashing with soap); aligning BCC efforts within the broader National Sanitation Campaign.

Current ongoing activities the candidate will be working on include: roll-out of the BCC strategy and action plans (focused on Safe emptying practices, Safe disposal of solid waste, and handwashing with soap); developing and testing IEC materials informed by the BCC strategy; supporting relevant National Sanitation Campaign efforts; capacity building on communication and marketing skills for service providers and local authorities; leading consumer and willingness to pay studies

Key Responsibilities

  • Governance Technical Expertise – Provide technical expertise in relation to Governance issues related to policy analysis, legislation improvements, planning and budgeting, data management and use
  • Government Liaison and Networking – Build and maintain effective relationships, with the government (Ministry and Regional level) and local authorities (City Council and Urban Utility management and technical staff), and other external partners (Donors, NGOs, Research Institutions, Private Sector Service Providers)
  • Behaviour Change Expertise – Provide guidance and facilitation expertise in the coordination and implementation of the behaviour change communication strategy that aims to stimulate sanitation demand and improve the professionalization of services
  • Technical assistance management – Identify and manage experienced technical service providers and consultants (linked to governance and BCC activities) – including developing ToRs with key deliverables and services required by the project, and manage agreements/contracts within the advisor’s control
  • Work plan implementation – Ensure the timely implementation of the project work plan in the key areas of Governance and BCC, as per the SNV project management procedures, accounting principles and donor requirements and contract
  • Procurement, administrative & finance procedures – Collaboratively work with the support staff in procurement, admin and finance to comply with SNV procedures and ensure the smooth and timely implementation of processes and activities
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting – Contribute to the SDG programme’s M&E framework implementation and reporting (specifically in relation to component 1 (BCC) and 3 (Governance) impact and outcome indicators).
  • Knowledge, documentation and communication – Ensure full synthesis, analysis and documentation and sharing of project insights and results, and engage in research and studies that contribute to gathering evidence-based knowledge
  • Other – Engage in any other activities discussed with the programme manager that contribute to SNV, the WASH Sector and the project’s success and willingness to pay studies.


  • Relevant advanced academic degree in Governance and/or Behaviour Change or related field, preferably in relation to WASH;
  • 7+ years of relevant experience in overseeing Governance and Behaviour Change interventions, preferably in the WASH sector and in particular Urban Sanitation;
  • Strong relationship management skills and experience in engaging government officials (at both national and sub-national levels) and in playing a key role in sector platforms (e.g. Technical Working Groups, Joint Sector Reviews, National Guidelines development task forces etc.)
  • Proven track record in policy/legislation reviews and analysis and implementing successful governance-related recommendations;
  • Proven track record in implementing successful behaviour change communication strategies and approaches, particularly in collaboration with local government departments and citizen groups
  • Solid facilitation skills with the ability to coordinate/guide local government officials, service providers and community groups
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • The successful candidate will be a self-motivated achiever with excellent intercultural leadership, teamwork, coaching, communication, networking and organisational skills

Additional Information

Desired Start Date: As soon as possible

Contract Type: National Employment Contract

Duty Station: Kathmandu

Required Number of Position: 1

How to Apply:
If you believe that your credentials meet the outlined profile, we invite you to apply by uploading your CV (not more than 3 page) with motivation letter (not more than 1 page) by clicking on the "I'm interested" button before 31 December 2020

ONLY SHORTLIST CANDIDATES WILL BE CONTACTED. No telephone inquiries will be entertained. The organization reserves the right to cancel or postpone the whole recruitment process without providing any reasons whatsoever.

Women and candidates from minority groups are highly encouraged to apply

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