Tree Seed Consultant - Cinnamon Seeds/Seedlings Production and Use in Lao Cai Province

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Company Description

1.  Background

SNV Netherlands Development Organization has been working in Vietnam since 1995. Using market-based approaches, SNV is committed to reducing poverty by catalyzing inclusive, gender sensitive and environmentally sustainable solutions for the poor in agriculture, energy, water & sanitation, and REDD+ with essential cross-cutting themes of climate change, women's economic empowerment and inclusive business.

Currently, SNV, together with our consortium partners, CARE and Oxfam is implementing the Women's Economic Empowerment through Agriculture Value Chain Enhancement project (WEAVE) funded by the Australian Government. WEAVE aims to address barriers to women's full participation in the banana, cinnamon and pork value chains, and better support women's genuine economic empowerment. We will link women producers and entrepreneurs with each other to increase opportunities for women's collective action, and will strengthen links between women and other value chain actors to create opportunities for women's economic participation. By working to overcome these gender based barriers to social and economic development, WEAVE will contribute to overall poverty reduction and the promotion of gender equality in Lao Cai and Bac Kan provinces.

SNV's role focuses on the development of a higher profit cinnamon value chain for Lao Cai province as a vehicle of women economic empowerment. SNV aims to introduce sustainable production practices with added value by supporting cinnamon certification in project's site and presenting sustainable standards and practices to cinnamon women farmers, Cinnamon Farmer Interest Groups (FIGs) with focus on women's economic empowerment theme.

At present, Lao Cai province has a total area cinnamon plantations of about 25,000 hectares, and every year new planted area increased from 2,500 to 3,000 hectares, leading to the demand of millions of seedlings. Province has about some tens cinnamon seed sources and nurseries, but the current situation is most cinnamon seedlings produced and used in the area are with unknown quality, especially in term of genetic quality. Lao Cai province expected to have capacity strengthened to promote production and use of good quality Cinnamon seeds/seedlings as a way for achieving higher profit of cinnamon value chain for local people.

SNV is looking for a national consultant to deliver a service package on Promotion of Use of Good Quality Seedlings of Cinnamon for Plantation in Lao Cai Province.

The title of the assignment is: “Support for Improvement of Cinnamon Seeds/Seedlings Production and Use in Lao Cai Province”.

Job Description

2. Consultancy services

2.1. Objectives

To support staff of Lao Cai provincial Forest Protection Department (FPD) in preprocess of  development guideline documents on production and trade of forest tree seed/seedlings for promotion of production and use of good quality seedlings for plantations of cinnamon in Lao Cai province 

2.2. Scope of work

The consultant will work with and support officials of the FPD Lao Cai in preparing and implementation of the following contents:

  • Develop of an instruction/guideline document (to be issued by DARD) on production and trade of tree planting materials (seeds and seedlings) - for promotion of production and trade of good quality seeds/seedlings of cinnamon for use in Lao Cai.

·         Develop training materials for workshop/training events for instruction of the guideline documents and capacity building for key stakeholders.

The consultant will support FPD Lao Cai staff in ensuring the activities are well planned and effectively implemented.

2.3. Deliverables

Deliverable 1

A final draft of instruction/guideline document (to be issued by DARD) on production and trade of tree planting materials (seeds and seedlings) agreed by FPD Lao Cai.

Deliverable 2

A set of training materials for trainings on tree seed production and handlings, i.e. on Establishment and management of seed sources, and Establishment and operation of nurseries.

Deliverable 3

A final consultancy report describing activities, achievements, deliverables of the consultant in implementation of the package.

3. Timeline and consultant fees

The assignment is expected to start as soon as possible (in beginning of May 2020) and finish by end of July 2020.

Total estimated man-day for this assignment is 25-30 person-days (detail breakdown will be discussed with consultant)


The individual or group of consultants should meet the following requirements:

·         Vietnamese citizen;

·         University or higher background on Forestry or Agriculture Development;

·         Having good understanding on sustainable forest management, and demonstrate strong knowledge on seed source and seedlings production techniques;

·         Proven experience in developing training program and training materials on nursery management, tree seed handlings;

·         Good knowledge of government and provincial policies related to tree seed quality management;

·         Good skills in developing technical and policy guidance documents

·         Strong capacity and experience in delivering workshop and training events on forest sustainable and tree seed related aspects;

·         Having experienced in supply chain management in private sector/enterprises.

·         Knowledge and experiences in Cinnamon’s seed handling, and working experience with ethnic minority women will be an advantage.

·         Being able to deliver the committed outputs on time

Additional Information


Interested consultants are requested to submit CVs and interest letters with short proposals demonstrating their ability to deliver the assignment and proposed rates following the instruction in this site by 17.00 hrs May 15th, 2020.

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