Marketing and Communications Facilitator

  • Kampala, Uganda
  • Full-time
  • Contract type: National employment contract

Company Description

SNV Netherlands Development Organization is a not-for-profit international development organizational founded in the Netherlands in 1965; and currently maintains a global presence in 30 countries; across Africa, Asia and Latin America. SNV has been present in Uganda since 1989 and currently undertakes donor funded programming within 100+ districts across the country. As an organisation, SNV focuses on the Agriculture, WASH and Energy sectors and maintains the belief that no one should have to live in poverty; and that all people should have the opportunity to pursue their own sustainable development. SNV contributes to programming within the Agriculture, WASH and Energy sectors by strengthening the capacities of targeted partners and communities at the field level; in order to realize increased skill sets and sustainable performance; reduce poverty levels, expand employment; improve food security; while paying special attention to gender equity, social inclusion of marginalized groups and stakeholder accountability.

As our programme in Uganda expands, we are looking for an experienced dynamic professionals to join our team. Interested candidates should meet the basic qualifications outlined within the Candidate Profile and exhibit a strong desire to be a catalyst for change

For more information on our operations in Uganda and SNV, visit our website:


Job Description


The AgriProFocus Marketing & Communications Facilitator is based in Uganda and irregularly travels internationally. (S) he will be responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of AgriProFocus’ communication, marketing and public relations strategy. The Communications facilitator ensures continuous improvement of the strategy, the development of materials, services and activities in the area of marketing, communications and public relations. They will further coach fellow staff in specific areas of marketing, communications and public relations and coordinate at the strategic and tactical levels with the other functions of the Network.


The Marketing & Communication Facilitator will implement the activities of AgriProFocus Uganda Network that focus on network Vitality, Programme development and implementation, communication and implementation of Linking, Learning and Leadership activities.

Network vitality:

  • Regular stakeholder mapping on particular themes, programs in implementation and specific engagements. Maintain the database and regularly update is from a multi stakeholder (Government, civil society, the private sector and knowledge/research) perspective
  • Stimulating synergy and exchange between the members around their initiatives through encouraging them to share information
  • Moderate the online platform by inviting members to contribute, publishing articles, updating company profiles, facilitate debate and learning discussions;
  • Support organising and promotion of multi-stakeholder Network building events  
                  -      Development of creative concepts     
                  -      Creative visibility and Branding of the network building activities.
                  -       Creative Reporting
                  -       Online visibility

Overall Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

  • Proactively implement and continuously improve the Communication, marketing and PR strategy of AgriProFocus Uganda.
  • Develop short- and long-term plans and budgets for the marketing/communications/ public relations; monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance.
  • Develop and disseminate regular communication briefs of network achievements and programs to Network members and strategic partners
  • Develop necessary PR materials regarding the network’s corporate image
  • Promote the Network’s mission and services and work with the team to shape the network's image and values and devise means to communicate them externally.
  • Identify press opportunities, develop relevant content for the media, partner/member social media, partner/member websites, newsletters and press releases.

Relationship builder:

  • Maintain a broad network and relationship with key opinion leaders, media houses and strategic journalists; to continuously share network results
  • Establish and maintain a relationship with key communications persons of the network’s members, strategic partners and donors for constant exchange of information and promoting the network relevance among these key stakeholder groups.
  • Collecting and analysing requests by members and other partners for matching, contacts or other questions for collaboration
  • Internal Change makers;
  • Proactively participate in communications and marketing initiatives at global level; Liaise with the communication department and where relevant other staff at the global secretariat.
  • Take lead on continuous staff coaching on communication tips and tricks, reporting and use of medial channels for communication
  • Ensure compliance of the team with the Network’s corporate Image
  • Support the team to steer quantitative and qualitative facts for determining programme communication strategies and actions

Responsible for all aspects of the network’s digital Communications, marketing and PR

  • Manage all content on the network’s social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn
  • Regularly update internal staff on what's going on in Uganda through Yammer
  • Monitor and flag trends and developments on partners social media channels that may need the attention of the network
  • Promote what is going on within the network through the different channels (in a creative manner) to attract the attention of key influencers.
  • Coordinate all online linking Learning and Leadership online activities like debates, webinars for members on specific topics of interest
  • Regularly develop and send program result sheets and general newsletters to key members and partners

Programmatic business development

Assist in the development of TORs and MoUs for members, partners and service providers.

Coordinate all documentation processes to strengthen monitoring, evaluation and learning

  • Builds a strong link with strategy level during the reporting process so that issues being reported are used to inform decisions
  • Develop program specific fact sheets and promotion materials
  • Lead the preparation of progress reports, Annual Reports, M&E Plans, and Annual Work Plans.
  • Prepare success stories and other communications products highlighting project activities and outcomes.
  • Prepare project fact sheets
  • Ensure quality reporting and communications as per AgriProFocus branding and marking requirements
  • Support in writing feature stories and other material to facilitate the business development process
  • Coordinate the development, posting and maintenance of reports and other material on the online channels and share directly with key relevant stakeholder groups
  • Participate in and contributing to committee meetings; Share interesting time highlights (visual) on the network’s social media platforms in real time.
  • Promote tools to facilitate the sharing of ideas and interaction with in AgriProFocus internal teams and external multi stakeholder groups.
Promote better understanding of issues regarding partnerships that work for food systems with in the network
  • Gather and share information on particular themes.
  •  Develop content to celebrate food system issues in specific months e.g. Gender and agri business during the month of March, food and nutrition security during the month of October (world food day month) etc.
  • Coordinate and support the network coordinator to keep informed of trends and developments in the Agrifood sector and use this information to help AgriProFocus operate with initiative and innovation.


  • A bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communication or public relations, agricultural economics or related fields, a master’s degree in either field is an added advantage.
  • Experience working in the field of development and the agrifood sector.
  • Minimum of 4 years working experience in the fields of marketing/communication/public relations.
  • Excellent communication skills (reading, speaking and written) in English: knowledge of other international and local languages is an advantage;
  • Understanding of strategic communication and how it can contribute to the achievement of specific goals within the AgriProFocus Strategy.
  • Familiarity with global development issues.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce high quality, creative communication materials.
  • Creative/Innovative and constantly looks out for ideas to innovatively promote and pull attention towards the network.
  • Excellent ability to conduct strategic interviews with different stakeholders and ability to craft compelling stories based on information gathered in the interviews.
  • Self-driven and constantly on the lookout for new ideas and keeping track of technological advancements.
  • Excellent research and analytical skills to enable one to keep track of trends, developments and opportunities and share relevant information in the right period.
  • Representation and networking; having a strong networking behaviour and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent reporting skills i.e. visual and written. 
  • The ability to design and administer quick and effective surveys (Digital or analogue) amidst discussions to measure the energy and level of understanding in stakeholder discussions.
  • Excellent skills in moderating online platforms and social media engagements;
  • Ability to analyse, plan, communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Computer and Tech savvy.

Additional Information

Application Deadline: by 10th May 2019.

Contract Duration: 1 year initial contract with possible extension

Contract Type: Uganda National Contract

Desired Start Date: 1st July

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