Professional Data Integration Consultant

  • Chemin de la Scie, 1290 Versoix, Switzerland
  • Full-time

Company Description

SmartWave is an IT service company based in Versoix ( 52 consultants), we are software integrators and developers with a strong technical culture. SmartWave is working in the following areas:  

  • Content and process management (our main historical activity): we integrate and customize platforms such as Bonitasoft, Opentext, Nuxeo, Alfresco, Kofax (dematerialization), Microsoft Sharepoint, .. 
  • Identity management and application security (Activity launched when we created our company 15 years ago): we carry out user identity management and authentication projects ( Single Sign On, identity federation, security applications (API Gateway)) . We have partnerships with software providers such as AWS, ForgeRock, Microsoft, Axway, Onelogin and Oracle.
  • Web application development: From the beginning, we have developed Java & J2EE expertise (back-end and front-end frameworks) to customize projects delivered on our areas of expertise and also to offer modernization of old but critical legacy applications. Moreover, we have been working on DevOps for the last three years with a significant growth and partnerships around solutions such as Docker, Kubernetes, XebiaLabs as well as AWS. 
  • Architecture and Integration in Service-Oriented Architecture (activity launched in 2007 when we had to implement our first Services Oriented Architecture projects instead of applications in technology-based silos, it was to expose services rather than to develop applications in silo mode): We have developed a significant Middleware expertise around ESB, SOA Suites, Gateway APIs with strong partnerships (Oracle, Axway, WSO2, MIRTH), and led many complex integrations around applications such as ERP / CRM / MES both on premise and in the cloud. To deliver value beyond the ability to properly transmit data from one environment to another, we have also considered quality of  data with the development of an expertise on Master Data Management (MDM) offer that we are expanding on the governance aspects and data virtualization. 


SmartWave is recruiting consultants with the aim of developing offers on new and differentiated areas as well as cutting-edge technical expertise through projects and assignments with major clients.

We serve large international clients: major private banks of Geneva, luxury industry, international organizations, pharmaceutical industry in Geneva and up to Basel, some cantonal and federal administrations as well as large public organizations like hospitals.

Job Description


  • Extract data from selected sources (Database, flat files, XML, Web services)
  • Perform data formatting, cleansing, transformation and enrichment
  • Implement data integration workflows using various products and target systems
  • Analyze and write technical specifications for data integration
    Implement, maintain and monitor Master Data Management systems
  • Participate to Master Data Management definition
  • Implement, maintain and monitor Data Virtualization solutions


ETL, MDM, Data Quality, Data Virtualization, Data Warehouse, BI, SQL



  • Professional experience of 3 to 5 years
  • Track records of successful involvements in ETL/MDM/DWH/BI projects
  • Hands on experience with a market-leading ETL (e.g. Informatica, Talend)
  • Practical knowledge of SQL (e.g. Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server T-SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Solid Data Modeling skills (Snowflake/Transactional)
  • Autonomous and organized


  • Hands-on knowledge of Oracle database and/or PostgreSQL database
  • Knowledge of Semarchy Convergence
  • Knowledge of Semarchy DI/Stambia
  • Knowledge of a data virtualization solution (e.g. Denodo, JBoss data virtualization)
  • Experience with BigData/NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDb, Hadoop, Marklogic)
  • Experience with Data Warehouse and BI
  • Experience with data quality management
  • Ability to write technical documentation in English