Google Ads Account Manager

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Company Description

Rubato Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in paid Facebook & Instagram ads and Google ads. We are a team of travelers who have the freedom to be where we want when we want. Even though we are a remote team, we collaborate daily via face-to-face calls. Together, we work to build an industry-disruptive product in today’s highly competitive agency market.

We don’t believe in the traditional agency that sells in clients and “manages” them. We believe that we are the key to their success as the marketing arm of their businesses, connecting our clients’ innovation with a user base who is interested in what they have created. This requires us to not only be elite marketers, but also elite business consultants. 

Our mission is to be so good at connecting our clients’ products to their market that our brand Rubato becomes the industry standard. If someone wants to market a product, they come to us.

Job Description

This role is responsible for the day to day media buying, optimization, and strategy of our clients’ Google Ads accounts. The core parts of the role will entail building an understanding of the clients’ businesses on an in-depth level, knowing the ebbs and flows of their ad accounts backward and forwards, and creating & executing comprehensive media strategies to reach client goals. This person will be our eyes on the ground for feedback on creative, messaging audiences, and general client flows with conversion rates. This creates a very dynamic role for the Rubato Google Ads Manager.

Day to Day: 

  • Is married to the data looking at trendlines across every relevant event and metric on every account. 

  • Doesn’t wait for performance to show up or not show up in ROAS, but rather identifies early indicators of success or failure and reacts accordingly. 

  • Doesn't just recognize a problem, but then forms a hypothesis why and presents possible solutions.

  • Works very closely with our Head of Media, Creative Director and Client Growth Director to make sure all the data “on the ground” is communicated to other pertinent areas of Rubato for well executed client calls, building out Rubato’s 3 levels of client media plans (12-mo. Growth Plan, Quarterly Plan, 30-day Plan), new creative & messaging sets needed, etc…

  • Is involved in the overall media strategy, communicating new ideas and areas of possible growth to the media team lead.

  • Stays in the loop on the client Slack workspaces to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and is aware of any upcoming promos, events, etc. that would have an impact on media strategy.

  • Sets up all campaigns in Google Ads Platform and uses Editor for speed. 

  • Constantly looks for ways to improve the accounts on a granular level and ensures we are conforming to best practices or core strategies. Our creative team will have all creatives ready to go in mock campaigns. This person pulls in the creatives & messaging to test across audiences they have developed and setup. 

  • Will be part of a cross-functional team, working closely with both our media team and client growth team to deliver the best results for our clients


  • Knows Google Ads’ interfaces inside & out 
  • Hyper data-focused and easily able to understand the mathematics on main media metrics (CTR, CR, CPM, ROAS, any comparison percentages etc.)
  • Understands the importance of looking at data on a trendline 
  • Able to look at data on the media/creative level and understand what is going well, what is not going well, and where to focus efforts for improvement 
  • Easily navigate, manipulate & analyze data in Excel or Google Sheets 
  • Able to think about marketing for our clients’ businesses from a whole--how does what we are doing on the media side fit into their goals? Their other initiatives?
  • Still fun to work with, even though a data person ;)

Additional Information

Other Cool Things: 

Be where you want to be, when you want to be there. We currently have team members living in the US, Canada, Spain, and Argentina. As long as you’re cool working roughly on Eastern Standard Time, you’re good to go.

Even though we aren’t in a physical office space, our team is close and connected. We collaborate daily through video calls and seek to create a fun, positive work environment. We also have team events around the world in which we physically come together to work, and play! You are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table daily, sharing information is key to our personal and business growth.

In addition to a salary of $50K to $75K, Rubato offers two weeks paid vacation annually plus an open policy on vacation requests. 

If you are interested in this position, please apply! We look forward to hearing from you!