VFX Supervisor

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Full-time
  • Department: Production
  • City: Montreal
  • Specialty: Production

Company Description

Rodeo FX is a full-service, award-winning visual effects studio with teams in Montreal, Quebec City, Los Angeles, and Munich. We work on acclaimed films, groundbreaking series and unforgettable ads.

As an artist-founded and artist-run studio, our mission is to give talented artists the freedom and resources they need to deliver quality work and to thrive in a fun and creative environment.

Job Description

The VFX Supervisor’s primary role is to ensure leading creative and technical approaches are used to realize the creative vision of the project. They will manage their core team, make decisions as to the workflow while monitoring the progress of work. They will maintain positive relationships with the client, presenting work, finding solutions to creative issues and reporting on progress as needed. 

This person will act as a resource and coach to all employees under his/her responsibility and will drive performance while ensuring the engagement of the team, including responsibility for employee development, performance and ultimately, supporting the teams in achieving their goals. 

Project Success

  • Spearhead the creation of a strategy and establishment of a global vision that will be applied throughout the VFX project to ensure the best creative and technical approach to meet the client’s needs. 
  • In collaboration with the VFX Producer and the Executive Producer, participate in the evaluation of the project’s financial success and assist in the completion of bids.
  • Responsible for designing the creative workflow of all projects under his responsibility.
  • In conjunction with the VFX Producer, assign key talent to projects, ensuring the right mix of skills and experience to meet requirements. 
  • Find creative ways to ensure that the artistic vision of the client is respected and that projects are delivered on time and on budget, meeting Rodeo FX’s high quality standards. Communicate progress regularly to the VFX Producer. 
  • Closely monitor the overall creative process, including performing daily reviews of assets and shots, providing regular feedback and guidance to team members. Assist the team solve issues as they arise during production. Conduct in-person turn-overs with artists and the VFX team.
  • Be present on set for the filming of VFX sequences, when requested by Production.
  • Communicate client’s ongoing requests to artists and leads and ensure that they have a clear understanding of client expectations and creative vision, as well technical and R&D requirements. 
  • In collaboration with the VFX Producer, ensure that all assigned projects have a well-defined production schedule, adequate resources, performance targets and milestones. 
  • Alongside the VFX Producer, maintain regular communication with the client on the status of projects. Ensure the maintenance of ongoing positive and collaborative working relationships with clients.
  • Review mid and post-mortem assessments, identify areas for improvement and ensure that all issues are addressed going forward.
  • Create strong communication channels throughout Rodeo FX to ensure complex information is disseminated and tracked appropriately and on a timely basis.

Operations and Financial Management

  • In conjunction with the VFX Producer, monitor project budgets on a regular basis. Review any discrepancies with Production, finding creative solutions to keep projects on time and within budget.
  • Provide guidance and leadership to drive continuous improvement, make recommendations of best practices, design processes to increase efficiency and ensure implementation. Continually search for new means of reducing operational costs, without sacrificing efficiency and quality.
  • Manage relationships with suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, ensure they are meeting quality standards and assist in dealing with any issues that may arise.

Talent Management

  • Communicate the creative vision and objectives to his/her teams, ensuring individual and/or team responsibility for results are clearly understood.
  • Ensure his/her team is staffed with the appropriate balance of skills and experience and ensure that it is positioned to meet the company’s current and planned business needs. Propose structural and organizational improvements and implement the plans once approved.
  • Actively monitor the work climate in his/her team, taking steps to encourage and ensure the maintenance of a positive work environment and adherence to company values. 
  • Recognize strong performance through various means.
  • Promote teamwork and encourage employees and artists to create effective working relations across all departments and teams at Rodeo FX.
  • Provide artists with regular feedback on their performance, and provide ongoing mentoring, training and coaching to continuously grow their skills and support them in meeting their individual career development goals. 
  • Ensure management policies and procedures are being respected by all members of his/her team.


  • Work on special projects related to their area of responsibility and executive initiatives.
  • Positively represent Rodeo FX within the VFX and related communities, both locally and in the worldwide market, to further grow the company’s reputation as an industry leader.


  • Training in 3D animation or compositing.
  • 10 years of experience in the VFX industry.
  • 3 years of managerial experience.
  • A solid understanding of all stages of VFX.
  • Knowledge of leading industry software and technologies. 
  • Knowledge in production database software (i.e. Shotgun).
  • Deep interest in all new & upcoming technologies.
  • English – Spoken & Written.
  • Must be available for international travel (occasional).

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