VFX Producer

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Full-time
  • Department: Production
  • City: Montreal
  • Specialty: Production

Company Description

Artist-driven company by nature, it’s our mission to give talented artists the freedom and resources they need to deliver quality work and to thrive in a fun and creative environment.

Job Description

The VFX Producer’s primary role is to ensure proper management of the budget and production schedule for every show that falls under his/her responsibility. Working with various departments on an ongoing basis, the VFX Producer ensures ongoing adherence to the schedule and budget established between production and the client.

This includes working with the VFX Supervisor and other Department Supervisors to establish and communicate plans and milestones for each project, communicating with clients on changes and closely following project budgets. 

Project Success

  • In collaboration with the VFX Supervisor and Business Development, participate in the evaluation of costs and bidding for potential projects. 
  • In conjunction with the VFX Supervisor, create a strategy and establish a global vision that will be applied throughout the VFX project, ensuring client satisfaction, cost efficiency and profit generation. 
  • Communicate regularly with our clients on the status of projects, and continually emphasize a positive and collaborative working relationship with our clients.
  • Alongside the VFX Supervisor, responsible for bidding new work on projects and assessing scope changes and cost overruns during the course of a project. 
  • Recommend and provide solutions and bids for new shots or client changes throughout the project all while ensuring respect of deadlines and budgets. 
  • Research and account for all aspects that impact the scope of work for each project (i.e. script, book, news, cast, studio, etc.).
  • Oversee general scheduling and preparation of project plans, including performance targets and milestones. Plan on-set supervision and initiate, approve and budget overtime, as needed.
  • Assign key talent to projects, ensuring the right mix of skills and experience to meet the project requirements. 
  • Responsible for supervising the progress and efficiency of projects, keeping a thorough tracking of the schedule and budget. Ensure it is in line with the initial quote, the project plan and that it meets the requirements to optimize production.
  • Monitor budget and spend and ensure all data related to the project is up to date in our Shotgun Database and generate any budget reports that might be required. 
  • Forecast scheduling and budgeting issues along with client changes that may arise.
  • Confirm any additional necessary resources needed throughout the completion of projects.
  • Maintain regular communication with the Production team, including the VFX Supervisor, Department Supervisors, Project Manager and Coordinators on all necessary information relating to work in progress.
  • Ensure in-person turn-overs with artists and the VFX team are completed by the Supervisors. 
  • Perform mid and post-mortem meetings and assessments, identify areas for improvement and ensure that all issues are addressed going forward.

Operations and Financial Management

  • Responsible for the management and utilization of Core Team resources throughout the year, and coming up with solutions on how to best use their team through collaboration with the VFX Supervisor and other Department Supervisors. 
  • Responsible for providing guidance and leadership to drive continuous improvement, make recommendations of best practices, assess strengths and weaknesses of their team, suggest ways to improve and develop employees abilities, and design processes to increase efficiency and ensure implementation. Continually search for new means of reducing operational costs, without sacrificing efficiency and quality.
  • Responsible for overseeing the Production team managing their projects throughout the year.
  • Responsible for conducting Annual Reviews within their Production Team at the end of each year. 
  • Responsible for managing the Training & Department Budget usage of their Core Team, ensuring they do not go over budget and that each person within their Core Team is properly booked and utilized throughout the year. 


  • Work on special projects related to their area of responsibility and executive initiatives.
  • Ensure VFX Breakdowns are created for every project. 
  • Positively represent Rodeo FX within the VFX and related communities, both locally and in the worldwide market, to further grow the company’s reputation as an industry leader.


  • University degree and/or equivalent degree in a related field. 
  • 10 years of experience in the VFX industry, including 5 years in production management.
  • An excellent understanding of the VFX production process from concept to completion.
  • A deep familiarity with post-production pipelines, techniques, and software.
  • Proficient user of Excel.
  • Advanced knowledge in Shotgun, or industry standard database software equivalent.
  • Deep interest in all new & upcoming technologies.
  • English – Spoken & Written.
  • French – Spoken (an asset).
  • Must be available for international travel (occasional).

Videos To Watch