Senior CG Artist - Previs

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Full-time
  • Department: CG
  • City: Montreal
  • Specialty: Previs

Company Description

Artist-driven company by nature, it’s our mission to give talented artists the freedom and resources they need to deliver quality work and to thrive in a fun and creative environment.

Job Description

The previs artist is a storyteller. From a storyboard and/or a script, he conceptualize whole shots and sequences to convey the director’s vision. Using 2D elements, 3D assets or live plates, he uses the cinema language to tell a story.

  • Create high-level animatic sequences narrating a story for film, tv or advertisement; 
  • Participate as a member of the team in the development of aesthetic and technical solutions to support the storytelling; 
  • Create 2D and 3D assets necessary to the visualization process; 
  • Create 3D animations for different types of objects, animals and characters; 
  • Provide feedback to members of the production team; 
  • Attends daily meetings ("dailies").


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a previs, 3D animation or VFX studio; 
  • Ability to model, texture, rig and light optimized asset for real-time workflow in the maya viewport;; 
  • Ability to stage action and design a shot aesthetically in the context of a sequence from a storyboard and/or script; 
  • Good understanding of compositing and camera tracking; 
  • Proficient with the following tools:
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Unreal/Quixel
    • Nuke
    • Autodesk Motionbuilder
    • Photoshop/Substance
  • Possess a strong sense of composition, color, and knowledge of cinema language; 
  • Technical knowledge of cameras and photography;
  • Proficient in a Houdini is an asset;
  • Team player; 
  • Successfully takes direction from supervisor; 
  • Have strong design skill; 
  • Adapt quickly to a fast-pace production that evolves and change constantly.

Videos To Watch