Counter Threat Network Intelligence Analyst (TS/SCI)

  • Full-time
  • Clearance: Top Secret/SCI

Company Description

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Job Description

As a DTRA Counter Threat Network Intelligence Analyst, you will provide embedded and reach back support to Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) and Emerging Threats efforts and operations executed by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and its partners. You will conduct multi-layered research and analysis to support CWMD and emerging threats to support DTRA’s research and development of tactical, operational, and strategic initiatives for the agency and its associates. While most work is executed in the Northern Virginia area, some overseas and other stateside travel opportunities exist. As required, you will interact directly with deployed partners during the development of analytical products to meet unit and subordinate element requests for information. As required, you will plan, develop, and deliver tailored analytical capabilities and tools training to supported consumers and partners.


When providing reach back Intelligence and Operational support, you will directly support deployed teammates; answer requests for support from other mission partners (COCOMs, Special Operations Commands, and IC elements); and work closely with a wide variety of units, institutions, and customers. You will work closely with other members of your team to identify adversary WMD pathways and capabilities and to illuminate adversary probable intentions, activities, and vulnerabilities. You will assist with community of interest engagement, conduct professional development within the DTRA Operational Analysis Team, and mentor new members of the team to ensure they are ready to meet client requirements.

If deployed, you will embed with supported organizations to assist operational and tactical commanders, their staffs, and subordinate units with fusing operations and intelligence information to enhance their effectiveness against CWMD and Emerging Threat networks. You will identify and analyze problems and generate recommended solutions based on experience working with elements of the DOD, interagency, and international partners. Most deployments are 120-180 days in length.


Required Skills:

· More than three years of experience effectively writing to ICD 203 standards.

· More than three years of experience conducting network analysis using Intelligence reporting, metadata, captured enemy material, and non-traditional datasets.

· Ability to gather and digest finished Intelligence from authoritative producers in the IC and Defense Intelligence Enterprise.

· Understanding of the National Security Strategy and the National Defense Strategy.

· Experience collaborating and building communities of interest within the national security enterprise.

· Previous experience briefing at the Strategic, Operational, and Tactical levels.

· Experience in counter proliferation, pathway defeat, counter facilitation, counter-threat finance, or supply chain analysis.

· History of using Intelligence to drive operations or produce effects through DOD, IC, IA, or law enforcement elements.

· As volunteering opportunities exist, meet deployed requirements to the required theater of operations.

· Bachelor's degree and more than three years of experience, or an associate degree and five years of experience, or seven years of relevant work experience. We will also consider candidates with four years of directly relevant experience.

Desired Skills:

· More than ten years of military experience and/or a combination of military and IC Agency experience, including recent combat deployments, and be well-versed in all areas of military intelligence.

· More than two years of experience formally coordinating with members of the Intelligence Community or Defense Intelligence Enterprise.

· Experience working through the F3EAD cycle in both a DTAAC and ODTAAC environment.

· Understanding of JP 3-40, JP 3-25, ICD 203, and ICD 206.

· Understanding of SOCOM’s role as the CWMD coordinating authority for the Department of Defense.

· Two years of experience providing analytical support to one or more Special Operations Forces (SOF) commands.

· More than one year of deployed Intelligence analysis experience within the Combatant Command AORs.

· More than one year of experience in forward-deployed locations supporting Special Operations Forces.

· Experience working with U.S. embassies to achieve effects.

· More than three years of experience conducting counter threat network analysis in support of CWMD pathway defeat, vertical proliferation, or horizontal proliferation.

· Experience using supply chain data, commercial data, or trade data to support network analysis.

· Expert understanding of DNI/DNR targeting methodologies and tools.

· Understanding of CTD and applicability to targeting.

· Expert understanding of network analysis tools such as Analyst Notebook, Intelbook, DataXplorer, and Palantir.

· Expert understanding of Intel-related databases such as M3, S3, RMT, TAC, Lucky, NGT, the Wire, the Source, Pulse, Safehouse, NCTC Online, TIDE, QLIX, Kaching, FADE/MIST, and DX.

· Expert understanding of tool suites such as the Skope Tools, DX, Chimera, Griffin, and Voltron.

· Practical understanding of geospatial Intel tools such as ArcGIS and Google Earth.

· Expert Understanding of Babel Street, Berber Hunter, Data Miner, PiX, Silo, and Dun & Bradstreet.

· Support to Sensitive Activities.

· Understanding of Python or Java programming language.

· Willing to work rotating shifts if needed - that may include evening hours

Additional Information

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